Family Time - Feb 14 2010

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Clues Answers
''He who ___ it, dealt it'' SMELT
''To ___ is human'' ERR
''To ___ it mildly...'' PUT
1,000,000,000 years EON
A malarial fever AGUE
Acid container VAT
Airline ticket word VIA
Airtight tower SILO
Allege as fact AVER
Andes pack animal LLAMA
Any port in a storm HAVEN
Artistic conclusion CODA
Avoid a crash VEER
Beginning ONSET
Body of salt water SEA
Burden ONUS
Carpenter's tool SAW
Damage slightly MAR
Doorway sidepiece JAMB
Dove cry COO
Features of many signs (2 words) BLOCKLETTERS
Fire evidence SMOKE
Freight bearer FLATCAR
Friend PAL
Golfer's peg TEE
In the pink? RARE
Kid good-naturedly JOSH
Like carefree days of youth HALCYON
Like half of the integers EVEN
Lipton, for one TEA
Mountain climber's accessory PITON
Name of a male doll KEN
National flower ROSE
Clues Answers
Neck back NAPE
Nevertheless YET
Not a pro AMATEUR
Not contaminated PURE
Opera diva's delight ARIA
Opposite of east WEST
Opposite of under OVER
Opposite of young OLD
Pastoral expanse LEA
Period of history ERA
Pet store purchase, perhaps CAGE
Place to shop MALL
Ready, aim, ___! FIRE
Relaxing retreat SPA
Santa's helper ELF
Shopping center? PEES
Skinny fish EEL
Skunk's defense ODOR
Sleeve filler ARM
Solicit responses ASK
Stan who created Spider-Man LEE
Tiny amount IOTA
Type of insurance MEDICAL
Type of sandwich bread RYE
Up above ATOP
Verbal ORAL
Very small child TOT
Wall-climbing plant IVY
Wish for something HOPE
With mouth shut MUM
___ diem PER
___ serif (type style) SANS