Family Time - Nov 8 2010

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Clues Answers
''Hang ___ your hat!'' ONTO
''I double-dog ___ you!'' DARE
''Where have you ___?'' BEEN
''___ he's a jolly good fellow'' FOR
Abacus component BEAD
Albanian currency LEK
Apply with light strokes DAB
Apprentice PROTEGE
Bank transaction DEPOSIT
Baseball player's hat CAP
Bring someone new into the company HIRE
Certain voice in a chorus ALTO
Comfort EASE
Cow's chew CUD
Distinctive flair ELAN
Dried coconut meat COPRA
Drink hot tea SIP
Earth or dirt SOIL
Feathery scarf or poisonous snake BOA
Fill to excess SATE
Frosty's pipe material (2 words) CORNCOB
Full discretionary power (2 words) CARTEBLANCHE
Grass square SOD
Historical period ERA
Inventory item UNIT
Less than a couple ONE
Line made with a compass ARC
Literary ''before'' ERE
Mix, in the kitchen STIR
Monastic garb COWL
Noah's boat ARK
Noisy type of dance? TAP
Not happy SAD
Clues Answers
Note after fa SOL
Ocean SEA
Ocean sound ROAR
Opposite of fail PASS
Pavarotti offering ARIA
Paving goo TAR
Place for a play STAGE
Plant appendage AWN
Pretty, in Perth BONNY
Pro opposite CON
React to a kid's clean room? GASP
Related (to) AKIN
Seek and answer ASK
Shad product ROE
Sideways LATERAL
Skin-cream additive ALOE
Small cavern, in poetry GROT
Small particle FLECK
Snake's shape COIL
Soda brand COKE
Soup pods OKRA
Speak SAY
Spot on a domino PIP
Steak sauce brand AONE
Tendency TREND
Tissue layer PLY
Took a seat SAT
Wedding dessert CAKE
Word after ''parking'' LOT
Work at lacemaking TAT
Yawn cause BORE
___-faced (sallow) PASTY