Family Time - Nov 1 2009

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Clues Answers
''Roots,'' for one EPIC
''So what ___ is new?'' ELSE
''The African Queen'' co-screen writer James AGEE
''To ___ is human'' ERR
5th or Madison, e.g AVE
A distant point AFAR
ATM number PIN
Baldfaced thing LIE
Barrel bottom bit DREG
Beginning for ''normal'' or ''legal'' PARA
Bovine sound MOO
Classic TV show ''Star ___'' TREK
Cleansing bar SOAP
Common connector AND
Court case, sometimes APPEAL
Cribbage score keeper PEG
Definitely not new OLD
Dentist's tool DRILL
Eggs, to a scientist OVA
First book of the Bible GENESIS
Give off or send forth EMIT
Hairy creature APE
Hillbilly band instrument JUG
Horseshoes score RINGER
It opens doors KEY
It picks up people BUS
It's dug HOLE
It's in the center of center court NET
Kittenish sound PURR
Larynx locale THROAT
Last number in many countdowns ONE
Like red cheeks ROSY
Clues Answers
Long bout SIEGE
McNally's map partner RAND
Meal in a tortilla BURRITO
Morning deliveries PAPERS
Moves a toe to music TAPS
Musical embellishment (2 words) GRACENOTE
One of seven salty ones SEA
Opposite of bought SOLD
Opposite of good EVIL
Opposite of skinny FAT
Part of a plant or tree ROOT
Part, to an actor ROLE
Petri-dish gel AGAR
Pond life ALGA
Pope related PAPAL
Popular card game GIN
Read quickly SCAN
Schoolyard game TAG
Singing group of two people DUO
Slanderous insinuation ASPERSION
Small ice field FLOE
Smog pollutes it AIR
Sound stopper EARPLUG
Star that brightens and then fades NOVA
Tastelessly showy GAUDY
Tattered RAGGED
Type of boots GOGO
Unit of hope? RAY
Well-matched SUITED
Winter road hazard ICE
Word on a gift label FOR