Family Time - Jun 8 2008

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Clues Answers
''15 men on a ___ man's chest'' DEAD
''All you can ___'' (diner sign) EAT
''Aw, gee!'' DARN
''Blue Hawaii'' prop LEI
''Certainly, captain!'' AYE
''For Official ___ Only'' USE
''Fore'' site? TEE
''Man of ___'' (Superman) STEEL
''Paper or plastic'' choice BAG
''The Incredibles'' son DASH
''To ___ is human'' ERR
''Your Majesty'' SIRE
''___ Tac Dough'' TIC
4:00 get-together, in London TEA
A few words in passing? OBIT
A spire is part of one STEEPLE
Above OVER
Adjective for Death Valley ARID
Adjoin ABUT
Adroitness FINESSE
All dried up SERE
All tucked in ABED
All ___ (excited) AGOG
Amazon squeezer BOA
Aromatic wood CEDAR
Bakery buy LOAF
Barbershop quartet voice BASS
Be certain about KNOW
Best alternative to war PEACE
Bit of a whirl EDDY
Bring to mind EVOKE
By surprise UNAWARES
Clues Answers
Carpenter insect ANT
Clipper's sheet SAIL
Clockwork component GEAR
Cold sweat cause FEAR
Column's counterpart ROW
Company decision maker BOSS
Convince SATISFY
Deny oneself ABNEGATE
Depend (on) RELY
Entryway upright DOORJAMB
Explosive star NOVA
Fancy fundraiser GALA
Feel sore ACHE
Full of courage BRAVE
In an unexpected direction AWRY
Just say no DECLINE
Math total SUM
Not he SHE
One inch pencil NUB
One of us? YOU
Party giver HOST
Positive SURE
Roasted item CHESTNUT
Sound that's coming back? ECHO
Take a light run JOG
Typewriter key TAB
Umbrella ruiner TEAR
Up-coming link AND
When repeated, a blunder BOO
___ and flow EBB