Family Time - Apr 8 2007

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Clues Answers
''How ___ you?'' ARE
''I'm ___ happy to be here'' VERY
''The Godfather'' composer Nino ROTA
''What am ___ do?'' ITO
''___ of Good Feelings'' ERA
All-encompassing abbr ETC
Bad pitches in baseball BALLS
Barbecued bone RIB
Be in debt OWE
Body of water BAY
Brightly flowering bush AZALEA
Charitable gifts ALMS
Clove item GARLIC
Comes back down to earth LANDS
Deteriorates ROTS
Do 42-Across (2 words) TELLTALES
Female deer DOE
Fury IRE
Galvanization stuff ZINC
Golf ball holders TEES
Had bills OWED
Half a dozen SIX
Halloween cry BOO
Hawaiian flower gift LEI
Impressive grouping ARRAY
Jail on a naval ship BRIG
Large wooden container BARREL
Little kid TOT
Man of ___ (Superman) STEEL
Matching ___ SET
Money in Rome, once LIRE
Clues Answers
Most lovely PRETTIEST
Mr. partner MRS
Newspaper employee EDITOR
Not tell the truth LIE
Old-time official who made public announcements (2 words) TOWNCRIER
Opposite of buy SELL
Opposite of more LESS
Opposite of stand SIT
Orchestra section BRASS
Parts of shoes or tires TREADS
Place for a play house TREE
Place to see many animals ZOO
Popular cracker RITZ
Power shovel EXCAVATOR
Press clothes IRON
Received GOT
Sandwich shop DELI
Santa ___, California ANA
Santa's helper ELF
Shaker's contents SALT
Small Racing vehicles GOCARTS
Some sewer rodents RATS
Something a store may run SALE
Spoken ORAL
Suspect's defense ALIBI
They remove water from the windshield WIPERS
Venetian blind piece SLAT
Walk in a kiddie pool WADE
Work with flour SIFT
Yachting to Hawaii, e.g ASEA
___ Willie Winkie WEE