Family Time - Oct 8 2007

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Clues Answers
''... ___ I saw Elba'' ERE
''Boy, was I ___ tired'' EVER
''Canterbury Tales'' character REEVE
''Do You Know the ___ to San Jose?'' WAY
''For goodness' ___!'' SAKE
''Forward,'' as to a horse GEEUP
''Foul!'' caller REFEREE
''Nay'' offsetter AYE
''The'' place for opera MET
''___ before beauty'' AGE
''___ on a Grecian Urn'' ODE
''___ on Down the Road'' EASE
3 to a yard FEET
Affirm with confidence AVER
Air intake site NOSTRIL
Atomic energy unit REACTOR
Barely get by (with ''out'') EKE
Be a gadabout ROAM
Big-mouthed pitcher EWER
Bondsman SERF
Change the wallpaper, say REDO
Change, as hems ALTER
Color that ''suits'' Santa RED
Common fertilizer ingredient UREA
Currency replacing the mark, franc, lira, etc EURO
Defeat by a hair EDGE
Excess amount SURPLUS
First word in many recipes PREHEAT
Flower holder VASE
Gardener's ''green'' item THUMB
Growing business establishment? GREENHOUSE
Clues Answers
Have as a logical consequence ENTAIL
Have regrets RUE
Having a quick fuse SHORTTEMPERED
Help a criminal ABET
Home of twigs NEST
It is shortened? ITS
It's as good as a mile MISS
Lessen, to the Bard BATE
Life jacket, for one VEST
Lobster coral ROE
Magma, exposed LAVA
Maritime money man PURSER
Not hard SOFT
Opera solo ARIA
Opposite of higher LOWER
Opposite of short LONG
Opposite of thick THIN
Part of a hurricane EYE
Permanent prisoner LIFER
Pistachio, for one NUT
Place to hang your hat PEG
Positive answer YES
Race track shape OVAL
Speak SAY
Staff note after fa SOL
To and ___ FRO
Toy with its ups and downs YOYO
Type of tie BOW
___ of Capri ISLE