Family Time - Oct 1 2007

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Clues Answers
''Due'' follower TRE
''In addition to that...'' ALSO
''You ___ Your Life'' BET
''___ Were the Days'' THOSE
A mild cheese EDAM
A patient response? AAH
Actor Hunter TAB
Amazement AWE
Animal visited by Goldilocks BEAR
As of now YET
Australian birds EMUS
Biblical garden EDEN
Bright one in Cygnus DENEB
Business abbreviation INC
Butcher's offer MEAT
Camel's stopping place OASIS
Candy or cone topping SPRINKLES
Center of a volleyball court NET
Cleopatra's snake ASP
Collection of items SET
Color of strawberries RED
Company symbol LOGO
Consumed ATE
Copied APED
Director Howard RON
Elevated trains ELS
Famous Brazilian soccer player PELE
Father, in France PERE
Field ___ (school outings) TRIPS
Flightless bird EMU
Fruit for the very top CHERRIES
Gemstone OPAL
Good buddy PAL
Heated treat for a sundae HOTFUDGE
Clues Answers
Kind of ring MOOD
Kind of sch ELEM
Lab dish PETRI
Like a fox SLY
Lily ___ PAD
Mama's mate PAPA
Metallic deposit LODE
Mine find ORE
Model Macpherson ELLE
Muscles near the biceps TRICEPS
Object on a cowboy boot SPUR
Opposite of con PRO
Place for "abe" STY
Prefix with system ECO
Repeated sound in a cave ECHO
Run off to get married ELOPE
Sign at a street corner STOP
Sixth sense, for short ESP
Skater Lipinsky TARA
Small light source LAMP
Soldier's absence problem AWOL
Spoken ORAL
The ___ must go on SHOW
They are larger than chimps APES
Tree fluid SAP
Type of syrup CHOCOLATE
Type size FONT
Unbelievably long time EON
Use needle and thread SEW
Was in debt OWED
What a dog digs HOLE
Where you find an elbow ARM
Wide highway PARKWAY
___ cream ICE