New York Times - Feb 4 2009

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Clues Answers
'Ciao!' TATA
'Don't worry about me' IMOK
'Yo' man? BRO
16-Across's 'La donna è mobile,' e.g. ARIA
16th-century Florentine food? RENAISSANCEFARE
A ring bearer may go down it THEAISLE
Ain't as it should be? ISNT
Air condition SMOG
Anonymous John DOE
Bailout button EJECT
Baja boss JEFE
Baseballs, footballs and basketballs? SPORTSWARE
Blacken TAR
Bundle in a barn BALE
Clairvoyant's claim ESP
Comedian Yakov Smirnoff, by birth ODESSAN
Commonwealth country in Central America BELIZE
Craving URGE
Dematerialize VANISH
Digital signal receiver HDTV
Disgusting one TOAD
Down from the deck ALOW
Draw TIE
Drawn EVEN
Emphatic confirmation of action IDIDSO
Entree from the frozen food department POTPIE
Equal: Prefix ISO
Eye intently GAZEAT
Farrah Fawcett's signature do SHAG
Figs. like 'a million or so' ESTS
Fink RAT
Freedom from the requirement of having long sleeves? RIGHTTOBAREARMS
Groove for a letter-shaped bolt TSLOT
Guide for Hillary SHERPA
Half of a 45 with more airplay SIDEA
Housemate, informally COHAB
Clues Answers
Ice bucket accessory TONGS
Lays a claim (on) HASDIBS
Like some sausages and Web sites LINKED
Mil. leader CDR
Naval affirmative AYEAYE
Nereid sister of Galatea IONE
Old hands PROS
Ottoman V.I.P. AGA
Padre's sister TIA
Patient observers: Abbr. DRS
Pennies CENTS
Poet who wrote 'Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats' ELIOT
Policy ___ WONK
Press coverage INK
Put one's feet up REST
Queries ASKS
Reason the tortoise won the race? BADHAREDAY
River in a Best Picture title KWAI
Rockies, e.g.: Abbr. MTNS
Rubberneck GAWK
Salt's direction ALEE
See 15-Across VERDI
Shirts and skirts GARB
Shopping bag TOTE
Show compassion BEKIND
Spree TOOT
Stopper of things KIBOSH
Supermarket chain IGA
Support staffer: Abbr. ASST
Thai or Chinese ASIAN
Time to remember ERA
Turn toward the east ORIENT
Without profit ATCOST
___ and tonic GIN
___ moment SENIOR