Family Time - Feb 26 2006

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Clues Answers
''Where have you ___?'' BEEN
12:00 p.m NOON
A way to praise LAUD
Bee ___ (''Stayin' Alive'' singers) GEES
Border line EDGE
Christmas bulb, for example ORB
Construct, as a building ERECT
Court statement PLEA
Detect with the eyes SEE
Dry and dusty ARID
Excellent thought IDEA
Extremely long unit of time EON
Feeling of discomfort UNEASE
Female deer DOE
Filled the tank (with ''up'') GASSED
Filly's mother MARE
Find the sum ADD
Formed into a circle ORBED
Frankenstein's monster's birthplace LAB
Grayish yellow ECRU
Had a good meal ATE
Half and half ONE
It's after pi RHO
Like cereal in milk, after a time SOGGY
Lobe's location EAR
Making a video tape RECORDING
Musical wrap-up CODA
NY winter time EST
Ohio is one STATE
One of 12 in a foot INCH
Opposite of deep SHALLOW
Opposite of he SHE
Clues Answers
Opposite of pro ANTI
Opposite of west EAST
Ostrich relative RHEA
Part of a pingpong table NET
Part of Doris Day's theme song SERA
Perform on stage in a play ACT
Polite bloke GENT
Practice boxing SPAR
Reinforce BOLSTER
Rose Bowl setting PASADENA
Sandy substance LOAM
Settle down with a good book READ
Show the way LEAD
Simon ___ SAYS
Skin-cream additive, often ALOE
Some hotel employees BELLHOPS
Some roofs are made from this TAR
Speed measure (Abbr.) MPH
St. Louis's Gateway, e.g ARCH
They cover irises CORNEAS
Tiny hill-building insect ANT
Together UNITED
Trim away PARE
Uncooked RAW
Wee-hour flights (hyph.) REDEYES
Weekly TV program SERIES
Weightlifters' iterations REPS
Where some go to the sauna SPA
Word with sports or cable CAR
World's largest continent ASIA
___ Bear YOGI