Family Time - Apr 24 2005

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Clues Answers
''... lived happily ___ after'' EVER
''I have'' shortened to one word IVE
''Long time ___'' (2 words) NOSEE
''The Morning Watch'' author AGEE
A person's equal PEER
Andy's radio partner AMOS
Aphrodite's son EROS
At no time, to poets NEER
Beginning for one or where ANY
Building wing ELL
By way of VIA
Close by NEAR
Colorado ski resort ASPEN
Cry of dismay ALAS
Curved arch OGEE
Cut out the boring scenes EDIT
Daphne or Echo OREAD
Daytime dramas SERIALS
Dollar bills ONES
Dry streambed WADI
Entertainer Falana LOLA
Every fourth year LEAP
Famous Confederate general LEE
Flower containers VASES
Gardener's water line HOSE
Group of players TEAM
Group of three singers TRIO
Gumbo ingredient OKRA
Hot beverage TEA
It falls in winter SNOW
Leafy vegetable KALE
Lemon___ (drink) ADE
Clues Answers
Like potato chips or pretzels SALTY
Like the desert DRY
Little ___ of ''Bonanza'' JOE
Make a mistake ERR
Mike ___ of ''The Cat in the Hat'' MYERS
Mort ___, comedian SAHL
Nasty or evil VILE
Neither NOR
One billion years, in geology EON
Opposite of nope YEP
Opposite of profit LOSS
Ostrichlike bird RHEA
Pencil ends ERASERS
Place for a pig STY
PlayStation maker SONY
President after J.F.K LBJ
Printers' measures ENS
Punching tool AWL
River through northern France OISE
Short commercials ADS
Show with Cory Matthews (3 words) BOYMEETSWORLD
Show with Raven Baxter (3 words) THATSSORAVEN
Show with Tia and Tamera (2 words) SISTERSISTER
Soap ingredient LYE
Thai neighbor LAO
The life of Riley EASE
Tic-tac-toe winning line OOO
Turndowns NOES
Winter vehicle for sliding on snow SLED
Word in a New Year's song SYNE
___ la la TRA
___-mo replay SLO