USA Today - Jan 27 2009

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Clues Answers
''Chosen one'' played by Keanu NEO
''My master,'' in Hebrew RABBI
46, to Caesar XLVI
Adams who wed Ernie EDIE
Alternative to a moonroof TTOP
Anvil setting EAR
Assumption subject STMARY
Be like-minded AGREE
Beyond tipsy OILED
Big name in snacks LITTLEDEBBIE
Car dealer's offering LEASE
Carefully arranged NEAT
Center of gravity? VEE
Chancel symbols ROODS
Classic oater, ''The ___ Incident'' OXBOW
Convict without a fair trial RAILROAD
Cop's charge BEAT
Couric's outfit CBS
Coyote State's capital PIERRE
Dream spot? BED
Elementary school trio RRR
Elton John classic TINYDANCER
Exactly right DEADON
Exceedingly VERY
First word of two Springsteen albums BORN
Flammable garment? BRA
Game-stopping call TIME
Greek sandwich GYRO
Hack's workplace CAB
High-end violin AMATI
History Muse CLIO
Huge, in slang MONDO
In flames AFIRE
It can turn over a lot HOE
It may be forfeited or jumped BAIL
James of jazz ETTA
Lays to rest INTERS
Like a thicket DENSE
Load from a lode ORE
Clues Answers
Maiden in Poe's ''The Raven'' LENORE
Mortarboard tossers, informally GRADS
Noted shoe collector IMELDA
Obscenity obscurer, sometimes BLEEP
October's stone OPAL
Old PC platform MSDOS
One who often has trouble finding things SLOB
Overseas agreement OUI
Oxymoronic amount SMALLFORTUNE
Passing notice OBIT
Popeye's rival BLUTO
Prefix meaning ''Mars'' AREO
Prove useful to AVAIL
Rockefeller, for one (Abbr.) CTR
Ruling period REGIME
Running amok ARIOT
Scottish body of water LOCH
Seabee's saying CANDO
Sexless possessive ITS
Shrimper's gear NETS
Slates of elite invitees ALISTS
Sniggler's prey EEL
Stand at the funeral? BIER
Start to function? MAL
Toadies YESMEN
Turn into compost ROT
U.S. Naval Academy freshman PLEBE
Vardalos of ''My Big Fat Greek Wedding'' NIA
Veggie tray item, often BABYCARROT
Water source SPIGOT
Way off REMOTE
White sale merchandise LINENS
Winged wader EGRET
Word with ''fours'' and ''hours'' ALL
___ B'rith BNAI
___ Bator, Mongolia ULAN
___ fide BONA