Universal - Jan 25 2009

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Clues Answers
''Aw, c'mon!'' PLEASE
''___ go bragh!'' ERIN
A Pep Boy MOE
Advanced, in a way LENT
Alarm bells TOCSINS
Alcott novel LITTLEMEN
Arafat's gp. PLO
Assents noiselessly NODS
Au cousin ALA
Basis of many vegetarian meals TOFU
Biscayne Bay port MIAMI
Bow and arrow user AMOR
Boxer's warning GNAR
Brand-spanking new MINT
Brighton bloke CHAP
British gun STEN
Brooklyn Dodgers legend PEEWEEREESE
Cantilevered bay window ORIEL
Change according to circumstances ADAPT
Chip away at ERODE
Common Market letters EEC
Cultivate TILL
Curtain call confluence CAST
During AMID
Explosive pineapple GRENADE
Familiarize with new surroundings ORIENT
Famous boxer ALI
Fess up ADMIT
Flight info ETA
Follow in sequence ENSUE
Fountain treats MALTS
Fudge the facts LIE
Half a score TEN
Her mate HIM
Horn of Africa gulf ADEN
Icelandic literary works EDDAS
In a frenzied state AMOK
Clues Answers
Is out for a while DOZES
It comes before omega PSI
It may be hammered out DENT
Italian dough, once LIRA
Jukebox faves OLDIES
King, for instance TITLE
Leaves no leaves RAKES
Like some scofflaws FINED
Loosen, as a cap UNTWIST
Maintained KEPT
Mammoth descendant ELEPHANT
Man-made fiber ORLON
Merrill of movies DINA
Michael Douglas film COMA
Minotaur's milieu MAZE
Naldi of the silents NITA
Needing more help SHORTHANDED
Notre Dame's river SEINE
One handled the same way? NAMESAKE
Ornamental metalware TOLE
Perambulation STROLL
Pompano relative SCAD
Raving king of drama LEAR
Rock's Jethro ___ TULL
Role for a diva AIDA
Rooter's word RAH
Sign of a smash hit SRO
Silas Marner creator ELIOT
Some Feds TMEN
Some people gather to watch them streak METEORS
Spacebar neighbor ALT
Sport with traps SKEET
Summers in Haiti ETES
The last was Nicholas II TSAR
They pull their load SEMIS
Unhealthy complexion PALLOR
Union chapter LOCAL
Where it's at LOCALE
Yuri in ''Doctor Zhivago'' OMAR