New York Times - Jan 24 2009

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Clues Answers
'67 Summer of Love locale FRISCO
'Aaargh!' DARNIT
'I knew it!' AHA
'Laura' star, 1944 TIERNEY
'Look, bonehead!' OPENYOUREYES
'The Crimes of Love' author DESADE
'___ end' HOWARDS
Amex listings: Abbr. COS
Appliance numbers VOLTAGES
Bakery container LOAFPAN
Black as night INKY
Born loser SADSACK
Brand for preparation on a stovetop JIFFYPOP
Brings in NETS
Buy in ANTE
C.S.I. tasks IDS
Call for ENTAIL
Cell alternative PAGER
Certain charity event ROAST
Civic club ROTARY
Colony member ANT
Discreet call PSST
Dressed to the nines ALLGUSSIEDUP
Early hominid JAVAMAN
Early period IRONAGE
English singer Corinne Bailey ___ RAE
Fifth-year exams at Hogwarts OWLS
Funny papers pooch ODIE
Girlish accessory HAIRBOW
Give-to-go filler ITA
Go on and on DRONE
Golden AURIC
Ham's rig RADIOSET
Hammer holders EARS
Hanger-on WANNABE
Clues Answers
Hebrew title for God ADONAI
Indy, for one SPEEDWAY
Jambalaya need RICE
Just too cute ADORABLE
Kind of pen FELTTIP
Land where the air is thin NEPAL
Like elm trees STATELY
Like some misguided remarks RACIST
Lines for liners SEAROUTES
Longtime North Dakota senator Gerald and others NYES
Loose overcoat ULSTER
Minstrel BARD
Moccasin sound HISS
Needlework, for short? TATS
Nominee for Best Supporting Actress in 'Mildred Pierce,' 1945 ANNBLYTH
Not stiff at all AGILE
Old atlas inits. SSR
Peruvian Sumac YMA
Pitcher Saberhagen BRET
Press URGE
Sands part-owner, once SINATRA
Sarah Palin, by birth IDAHOAN
Set down WROTE
She was a pip to Pip in 'Great Expectations' ESTELLA
Sports star with an accent in his name PELE
Sushi bar order TUNAROLL
Them's the breaks FATE
Tourist booth handouts AREAMAPS
Twirling INASPIN
Use leverage on PRY
Weightlifting move SNATCH
Where pins are made MAT
Workout reminders ACHES
Writer ___ Rogers St. Johns ADELA
___ Volcanic National Park LASSEN