Family Time - Oct 17 2004

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Clues Answers
"Jurassic Park" star Laura DERN
"Mr. Potato ___" HEAD
Actor Sharif OMAR
Already learned KNEW
Andy's radio partner AMOS
Applaud CLAP
Backgammon-like board game PARCHEESI
Backwards METS? STEM
Beams from the sun RAYS
Between ports ASEA
Bird house feature PERCH
Board game with hotels MONOPOLY
British pianist Myra HESS
Cowboy's boot spike SPUR
Dubliner's land EIRE
Elevator man OTIS
Estimates value for tax purposes ASSESSES
Expression of pain OUCH
Farm creature? ANT
Farmer's moneymaker CROP
Feeling poorly ILL
Finish END
Fruit dessert of oranges, bananas and shredded coconut AMBROSIA
Greek vowel ETA
Had a good meal ATE
How to eat oysters? RAW
In the distance AFAR
Involved with INTO
Is, in the past WAS
It goes with macaroni CHEESE
Clues Answers
It has a noun and verb SENTENCE
Kilt wearer SCOT
Largest continent ASIA
Like many independent films ARTY
Low cart DRAY
Makes colorful Easter eggs DYES
Money roll WAD
Not any, country style NARY
O.K. Corral event SHOOTOUT
Opera solo ARIA
Opposite of light DARK
Opposite of nay YEA
Opposite of younger OLDER
Overflowing ABUNDANT
Part of the ear LOBE
Pet detective Ventura ACE
Play part found in a CAT? ACT
Prevalent in FIRE? RIFE
Resistance unit OHM
Small amount of finger paint DAB
Some are classified ADS
Spelling contest BEE
Sweet board game CANDYLAND
Take a very small drink SIP
Type of graceful dance BALLET
Type of green bean LIMA
Units of 2,000 pounds TONS
Wing of a bird PINION
Word said in church AMEN
Wordy board game SCRABBLE