Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate - Feb 18 2018

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Clues Answers
'-- it a pity?' ISNT
'-- never fly' ITLL
'24: Legacy' actor Jimmy SMITS
'Cheerio!' TATA
'Norma --' (1979 film) RAE
'Siesta Key' channel MTV
'Yes, yes!,' to Pedro SISI
'Zine team EDS
-- -Canada (oil biggie) PETRO
-- -lacto-vegetarian OVO
108-card party game UNO
609-homer Sammy SOSA
A bit more than zero ONE
Actress Sarah Michelle -- GELLAR
After a while ANON
Arduous walk TREK
Arena cry RAH
Attracted DREW
Atty.'s name follower ESQ
Backpack fill GEAR
Barber's tool TRIMMER
Blogger Klein EZRA
Bosc, e.g PEAR
Bovine noise MOO
Brief quarrel SETTO
Bruins great Bobby ORR
Certain hosp. test EEG
Chain of bakery-cafés PANERA
Cheese that crumbles FETA
Chicago mayor -- Emanuel RAHM
Collect-call connectors OPERATORS
Comfort given by the last Stuart monarch? QUEENANNESSOLACE
Cut, as hair SNIP
Decide on, with 'for' OPT
Deicing stuff SALT
Den fixture SOFA
Does some harping? STRUMS
Dojo mat TATAMI
Egg -- yung FOO
Entered furtively STOLEIN
Eternally, to bards EER
Fall bloomer ASTER
Fess (up to) OWN
Fine spray MIST
Finger part NAIL
Food, archaically ALIMENT
Football player Lynn SWANN
For the time being PROTEM
Forest vine LIANA
Ghost of a bricklayer? THEINVISIBLEMASON
Gives a nod ASSENTS
Gloomy DOUR
Grab a chair SIT
Grain tower SILO
Grassland LEA
Grassland PRAIRIE
Gray shade TAUPE
Gray shade ASH
Greek vowels EPSILONS
Has an affinity for people who are calming influences? PLAYSWELLWITHSOOTHERS
Hasty, sloppy application of talc? CURSORYPOWDER
He co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates PAULALLEN
Henchman helping Hook SMEE
Impressive sight EYEFUL
In itself PERSE
JFK's veep LBJ
Kitchen range brand AMANA
Light shoe SANDAL
Like surprise guests UNINVITED
Lilt syllable TRA
Clues Answers
Lovers' deity EROS
Made cloth WOVE
Mandates EDICTS
Many years AGES
Minecraft, e.g PCGAME
Mo. #1 JAN
Mo. #9 SEPT
Modern 'Seize the day!,' for short YOLO
More rational hunch? SOUNDERSUSPICION
Most meager SPARSEST
Move slightly STIR
Mr., in Mysore SRI
Mrs., in Munich FRAU
Naval acad. grad ENS
Not masked SEEN
Ohio or New York county ERIE
Passport stamp VISA
Pencil wood CEDAR
Performs like Kanye West RAPS
Person hugging, say CLASPER
Pink wine BLUSH
Poetic 'prior to' ERE
Polish, e.g RUB
Post-op areas, often ICUS
Put herbs and spices on a James Bond actor? SEASONCONNERY
Put- -- (deceptions) ONS
Qdoba dip SALSA
Really big SUPERSIZE
Rebellion figure Turner NAT
Repose REST
Rink athlete ICESKATER
River romper OTTER
Russian money RUBLE
Sam's Club alternative COSTCO
Saunters AMBLES
Sea, to Pierre MER
Second afterthought in a letter, for short PPS
See 64-Down BAR
Seine feeder OISE
Serum injector SYRINGE
Shady spots ARBORS
Shapiro of radio ARI
Sheriff Taylor's kid OPIE
Simile center ASA
Singer Crow SHERYL
Singer Sumac YMA
Some lizards GECKOS
Sominex and Nytol, e.g SLEEPAIDS
Spa offering MASSAGE
Sponge (up) SOP
Stable baby FOAL
Stubborn equine ASS
Study of poetic rhythm PROSODY
Stupefying someone with liquor away from a horse-racing venue? OFFTRACKBESOTTING
Suez Crisis figure NASSER
Suffix with final or novel IST
Sulky mood SNIT
Tartan wearer SCOT
Taunting remarks GIBES
Territory AREA
Toronto's prov ONT
Turkish money LIRA
Tyne of TV DALY
Weaken SAP
Winter drink COCOA
With 95-Across, wide keyboard key SPACE
Work for EARN
Wrecked RUINED
Year, to Pedro ANO
Yeats' '-- and the Swan' LEDA