Universal - Feb 10 2018

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Clues Answers
"Earth" attachment LING
"Gymnopedie" composer SATIE
"Mouse sighting!" EEK
"___ Ventura, Pet Detective" ACE
A different you ALTEREGO
Acquires wrinkles AGES
Adds to the family ADOPTS
Airline since 1924 DELTA
Aladdin's find GENIE
Be in a huff STEW
Boastful talker PRATER
Brief genetic material RNA
Castor bean toxin RICIN
Certain hardwood OAK
Conical woodwind OBOE
Cookbook author Rombauer IRMA
Customs fee DUTY
Cut the boring parts EDIT
Deep, soft mud MIRE
Deer tail SCUT
Directionless? LOST
Dry African gulley WADI
Duplicate, fancy (var.) ANALOGUE
Fill to satisfaction SATE
Formed into spheres ORBED
Get in ENTER
Hawaiian island LANAI
Hold firm STANDPAT
Jack's foe GIANT
Jazz legend Fitzgerald ELLA
Land chart MAP
Land to build on SITE
Limp handshake, e.g SIGNOFWEAKNESS
Loosen laces UNTIE
Lubricate again REOIL
Clues Answers
Lyric after "Que" SERA
Mama Turnblad in "Hairspray" EDNA
Map within a map INSET
Mild Dutch cheese EDAM
Military buildup, e.g SIGNOFSTRENGTH
Moss type PEAT
Moves from town to town DRIFTS
Native Alaskan INUIT
Not fleshed out? SKELETAL
One way to make a sweater KNIT
Palomino's trot, e.g GAIT
Parting facts of life? OBIT
Pitcher's goal OUT
Racer's "position" POLE
Reason for a take-out? SUBTRACTIONSIGN
Royal address SIRE
Ryan with the fastball NOLAN
Scottish lake LOCH
Shaver's injury NICK
Sing like a bird TRILL
Smallest merganser SMEW
Stadium ticket info TIER
State in India ASSAM
Steffi with a racket GRAF
Sturgeon eggs ROE
Take in food INGEST
They're used for punching AWLS
Thin cloth woven from silk PONGEE
Trey's subordinate DEUCE
Twain hero FINN
Unit of power WATT
Weaponizes ARMS
Word with "hoi" POLLOI
Zip relative NIL
___ different tune (changed one's mind) SANGA
___-Saxon ANGLO