- Feb 9 2018

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Clues Answers
''Don't trust me'' on biceps LIARSARMTAT
''The Office'' worker PAM
''Wizard of Oz'' cast credit below Auntie Em TOTO
''Zuppa di pesce'' emporium TRATTORIA
Am clueless, informally DUNNO
Amount to EQUAL
Apples and oranges TREES
Arctic assistants ELVES
Art supplies OILS
Baldwin's ''30 Rock'' dad ALDA
Barbecue hardware SPITS
Big name in wrap ALCOA
Bill Ford's grandfather EDSEL
Black hole's locale QUASAR
Browser letters HTTP
Canine category TOY
Captained LED
Cater (to) TEND
Certain victor SHOOIN
Continually ONEND
Conversation piece CURIO
Convey CARRY
Cowpoke's high-tech gear SMARTLARIAT
Emu's sextet TOES
Ending for book or brook LET
Essence of everyone DNA
Essence of everything ATOMS
Essence's asset AROMA
Evolve, perhaps ADAPT
Field measure ACRE
Finished basement, at times TVROOM
Fizzles (out) DIES
Force forward IMPEL
Future moth LARVA
Gangway, e.g RAMP
Geological period AEON
GPA boosters EASYAS
GPS stat LAT
Harry's red-headed pal RON
Clues Answers
Home to vicuñas PERU
Honeydew cousin CASABA
John Paul II, since 2014 SAINT
Kept for a crisis INRESERVE
Lightens or darkens DYES
Loudness, scaring burglars, etc ALARMTRAITS
Many Marriott School grads MBAS
Minimally multiple DUAL
Missouri's __ range OZARK
Mixed __ (title of the puzzle) MARTIALARTS
Name on the cover of ''The Compleat Angler'' IZAAK
NL West team ARI
Numerical info STATS
NY engineering school RPI
Obstinate equine ASS
One of the Trinity SON
Panasonic rival TOSHIBA
Panoramic BROAD
Part of some fleets TAXI
PC's heart CPU
Performed poorly STUNK
Plethora LOT
PO itineraries RTES
Quests for QBs TDS
Rag doll since 1918 ANN
Reflex-testing site KNEE
Results of some digging PITS
Shade of brown SEPIA
Shut out BAR
South Asian language NEPALI
Spicy sandwich centers SALAMIS
Submarine designation USS
Symbol of goodness HALO
The first st DEL
Third man ABEL
Twisty path ESS
Undo a deletion STET
Verse starter UNI
Walk out EXIT