The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,657 - Feb 8 2018

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Clues Answers
'Times' taken past American customs USAGES
Damn! Previous programme's ending on box EXECRATE
Developed into flying insect around river BECAME
Drive inspiring sex over reason MOTIVE
Drunkenly put, it's free swill! SLUICE
Eating our dinner, eating fruit GOURD
Elevating one rising accepting new finery ENNOBLING
Fairly religious assuming sanctuary HONESTLY
Giant bird sitting on a nest's top TITAN
Location sent out about large group of stars CONSTELLATION
Manservant nevertheless left Queen BUTLER
Mother unfortunately overturned spice mix MASALA
Natter with eminent characters broadcast in show ENTERTAINMENT
Nonconformists having dances, including bishop REBELS
Partly genteel, it is terribly snobbish ELITIST
Clues Answers
Perhaps copper should arrest useless relative COUSIN
Plain china, black with white exterior PALPABLE
Private and fancy aren't in line INTERNAL
Raincoat flash capturing the man's masculinity MACHISMO
Sailor seen on northern lake TARN
Servant working for hostelries TAVERNS
Some seafood on empty shellfish is saucy SCAMPISH
Spirits man swallows alternatively MORALE
Staff organise church in tense period TRUNCHEON
Sticks and stones finally after demon drink IMPALES
Stop killjoy touring European capital after vacation PRECLUDE
Surround women with everything WALL
Throttle and start to reverse in street corner STRANGLE
United in battle for sale AUCTION
Wife awfully riled getting more livid WILDER