- Feb 7 2018

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Clues Answers
''Don't __ stranger'' BEA
''Inferno'' writer DANTE
''Same here'' DITTO
''__ Land'' (2016 musical film) LALA
Airline to Stockholm SAS
Altered, as a diamond RECUT
Any of eight British kings HENRY
Arbor Day month APRIL
As a joke INJEST
At a tie score EVEN
Baby's father DADA
Brad of the ''Ocean's'' films PITT
Brother of Moses AARON
Bugs in colonies ANTS
Carry with difficulty LUG
Celebratory verse ODE
Cinema showing MOVIE
Cleveland's lake ERIE
Clock-radio feature ALARM
Diabolical EVIL
Dictatorial boss TYRANT
Disagreement RIFT
Dressed (in) CLAD
Driving-range array TEES
Early afternoon ONE
Electric-power systems GRIDS
Enthusiasm SPIRIT
Epic tales SAGAS
Exist ARE
Form an alliance UNITE
Four-star review RAVE
French currency EUROS
Generic pooch FIDO
Gossip columnist Hilton PEREZ
Harsh sound BLARE
High-speed pursuit CHASE
Historical period ERA
Hits with hailstones PELTS
Clues Answers
Iguana, for example LIZARD
Insurance seller AGENT
Inventor's inspiration IDEA
Label on luggage TAG
Lion's sound ROAR
Macramé or ceramics CRAFT
Mail routing abbr ATTN
Most 52 Down ABLEST
Nights before holidays EVES
Occupied a bench SAT
One in a cast ACTOR
Opposite direction from ''to'' FRO
Part of TGIF ITS
Piece of asparagus SPEAR
Plea at sea SOS
Pop singer Katy PERRY
Predatory marine mammal ORCA
Prefix for state INTER
Prepare, as tea BREW
Proficient ADEPT
Reason for workplace praise AJOBWELLDONE
River-mouth formation DELTA
S&L offerings IRAS
Sculptures and mobiles ART
Short-lived '50s Ford EDSEL
Start of a ''June'' quote WHATISSORARE
Surfer's surface WAVE
Theatrical category DRAMA
Took one's turn WENT
Tranquil SERENE
Transport to a ship, as in ''Star Trek'' BEAMUP
Waters parted in Exodus REDSEA
Weasel's weapons CLAWS
Wedding setting ALTAR
What a patch might cover TEAR
Whole-wheat alternative RYE
Wood-shaping tool LATHE
__ capita income PER