USA Today - Feb 4 2018

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Clues Answers
"Boardwalk Empire" network HBO
"OK with me!" FINE
"Shame on you!" TSK
"___ 'er rip!" LET
"___ losing it?" AMI
30-Across figures ODDS
Agassi of tennis ANDRE
Any of the sibyls of legend SEERESS
Applicants' hoped-for responses YESES
As demonstrated LIKESO
Become threadbare WEAROUT
Brief periods, briefly SECS
Brits' rain gear MACS
Budgetary waste FAT
Butcher's scraps OFFAL
Call from a Manx MEOW
Camera named for a goddess EOS
Cariou who played Sweeney Todd LEN
Carousing ONATOOT
Chili rating units ALARMS
Cupid, to the Greeks EROS
Deadens, as a piano string DAMPS
Draw an hourly wage, like a boxer? PUNCHACLOCK
Dunham of "Girls" LENA
Emeritus (Abbr.) RET
Emoticon's smile, for short PAREN
Fateful day in the Roman senate IDES
Folklore fiend OGRE
Frosty's eyes COALS
Fudge the facts FIB
Geiger counter detection BETARAY
Give or take ABOUT
Guacamole, e.g DIP
Hayek of "Frida" SALMA
Home of Arizona State TEMPE
Horse player's combo EXACTA
In need of Dramamine, perhaps SEASICK
In unison, on a score ADUE
Clues Answers
Intrigued by INTO
It doesn't pay, it's said CRIME
Jesse of the 1936 Olympics OWENS
Keep moist, in a way BASTE
La Brea pit material TAR
LeBron James, as a rookie TEEN
Letter before kappa IOTA
Margaret Mead's land SAMOA
More than just thirsty PARCHED
Most pallid ASHIEST
Much of Apple's sales ETAIL
Mutants of Marvel Comics XMEN
Pal of Pooh and Tigger ROO
Parsnip and rutabaga ROOTS
Plays, as a 30-Across BETSON
Pope after Benedict XVI FRANCIS
Prank cigar sound BANG
Prefix meaning "highest" ACRO
Pro shop bagful TEES
Quick to catch on APT
Quit smoking, like a karate expert? KICKAHABIT
Saddler's tool AWL
Salamanders kept as pets NEWTS
Samples from a snifter SIPS
Shade of turning leaves OCHER
Show affection, like a judo master? THROWAKISS
Sing like Cab or Ella SCAT
Six years in the Senate TERM
Something to whistle TUNE
Stay angry, like a wrestler? HOLDAGRUDGE
Super, in showbiz lingo SOCKO
Think tank output IDEAS
Tilt at sea LIST
Topper for Curtis Sliwa BERET
Where to get a Black Russian BAR
With a look of suspicion ASKANCE
Young fox KIT
___ dunk (sure thing) SLAM
___ light (dashboard item) IDIOT