New York Times - Jan 16 2009

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Clues Answers
'A Writer's Life' writer, 2006 TALESE
'An Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals' philosopher HUME
'Keep it simple' LESSISMORE
'The Two ___' (Martha Finley children's book) ELSIES
A raise may raise it HOURLYRATE
Addition column TENTHS
Aleutian island ATKA
Arnold Schwarzenegger, four times MRUNIVERSE
B├ęchamel sauce ingredient HOTMILK
Birds with 'meat cleaver' bills ERNS
Brand named after the pronunciation of its parent company's initials ESSO
Break TAME
Conclusion lead-in ERGO
Confines HEMSIN
Cul-___ DESAC
Force through a sieve RICE
Government largesse PORK
Greatly ATON
He fought Robin on an episode of 'Batman' KATO
Huber of women's tennis ANKE
Is in Spain? ESTA
Israel's Weizman EZER
It requires spin control ICESKATING
Kind of ed. ASST
Many a Kirkuk native KURD
Many an item at a checkout line IMPULSEBUY
Match point? SINGLESBAR
Michigan's ___ College ALMA
Not just jitters ANGST
Not letting go PERSISTENT
Novel about its author's experiences on Tahiti OMOO
Oscar nominee for 'Training Day,' 2001 ETHANHAWKE
Clues Answers
Our counterpart in France? NOTRE
Passes gingerly EASESBY
PBS station with a transmitter on the Empire State Building WNET
Penitent RUER
Perfectly good ALLOK
Poet who wrote 'Hope springs eternal in the human breast' POPE
Prefix with -pod OCTO
Regatta setting HENLEY
Reno's county WASHOE
Reply to 'Have you got that in stock?' YESWEDO
Response to 'I have a question for you' OKSHOOT
Ringer of some necks LASSO
Run on PRATE
Scotch flavorer PEAT
See 48-Down NEST
Sluggers' stats RBIS
Small perk GOODY
Some livestock EWES
Some singing villains BASSOS
Somewhat dense SLOW
Soprano ___ Huang YING
Spin cycles? DAYS
Steward's domain SHOP
Tinseltown is part of it SHOWBIZ
Torch site DIME
Unnamed individual YOUKNOWWHO
Uppland inhabitant SWEDE
Verne of Austin Powers films TROYER
When many shots are taken OPENSEASON
With 64-Across, sight under the eaves, at times WASPS
___ fil (wireless, in Paris) SANS
___ snuff UPTO
___-Ball SKEE