Irish Times (Crosaire) - Feb 3 2018

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Clues Answers
A number of hit men missed him? TEN
A person in Ring gets to pass on a number of drugs REFEREE
Advertise local wheel for those doing the driving GOLF
American lines out with foreigners ALIENS
Band for Castile restoration ELASTIC
Car instalment in The Paper TISSUE
Character gets porter by US Postal LETTERCARRIER
Collectively, the leading types today at The Gate POST
Come into view to hear a member of the British nobility APPEAR
Demanded pals get off rope ladders ORDERED
Disturb hornets by a bridge? SHORTEN
Fair prize for absorbing the release of gas RIBBON
Figure with novel project putting pen to paper LETTERWRITING
Financial management firm taken in by criminal money ECONOMY
Finishes off Trim takeaway - it's nonstop ENDLESS
For example, a superlative noteworthy type that's 100 per cent correct LETTERPERFECT
Granny Smith hasn't anything to address MRS
Hard to swallow in high temperature HEAT
Imagined spilling gin from the press MEDIA
Clues Answers
Impeccably drawn out map for The Tour de France BICYCLE
It's a sign of what's raw or off ARROW
Note what's leading for all sides today LETTER
Old wild yell about revolutionary giving up ELDERLY
One foreign politician gets to travel around to get better IMPROVE
Operates out East and it's secure? ROPE
Permit covers vehicle traffic LET
Post is mysteriously early, in part PLAYER
Presumably, they posted their views of St Paul and St Peter LETTERWRITERS
Refine to perfection after pressure from Ring PHONE
Regiment in the end finds awful myth initially hard to beat RHYTHM
Sample of chickpea stew from the Orient EAST
Some appearances of one of those in the plot PEA
Some prominent art deco type of bakery TART
Sounds like instant credit? TICK
Store scheme covers reading option for those going on holiday RESORT
The most full-bodied top Riesling is opened from the case RICHEST
Tips for shoes for baritones with no brain TOES
Was out of school and heartlessly took the plunge SLEPT