- Feb 2 2018

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Clues Answers
''Lords a-leaping'' count TEN
48 Across' first UN ambassador EBAN
A Comcast network MSNBC
Allowed to use LENT
Artist's implements BRISTLEBRUSHES
Bellyacher KVETCH
Biomedical research agcy NIH
Bring on INCUR
Capt. Kirk subordinate MRSULU
Carl Sagan book BROCASBRAIN
Certain Middle Easterner OMANI
City northeast of Boston BEVERLY
Clarify, perhaps RESTATE
Cookout piece SPARERIB
Director Anderson WES
Disorganization metaphor ZOO
Dormant LATENT
Family guys SONS
Folks, in current slang PEEPS
Fully comfortable with USEDTO
Grain holder SILO
Hands-up time NOON
Headphone descendants EARBUDS
Heavenly sounding keyboard CELESTA
Imitate accurately MIRROR
Impel SPUR
In place of FOR
Island near Naples CAPRI
It's currently three hours behind DC PST
Jargon suffix ESE
Jockey Smith who married Astaire ROBYN
Key with all white notes AMINOR
Lab work TEST
Lag behind TRAIL
Legendary frontier showman CODY
Clues Answers
Marco Polo's hometown VENICE
Minutemen's school UMASS
Missteps ERRS
Object of devotion IDOL
Only president with three VPs FDR
Opposite of ''glossy'' DULL
Parts of a range: Abbr MTS
Perform really well SHINE
Picasso contemporary DALI
Place to live ABODE
Polished in manner URBANE
Pre-admittance query WHOISIT
Put to work HIRED
Quiche serving SLICE
Recreational athletics SPORT
Red Cross workers, for short RNS
Red Cross workers, for short DRS
Refrigerant initials CFC
River near the Leaning Tower ARNO
Second chances REDOS
See 6 Across COMS
Series that had a ''Cyber'' spin-off CSI
Small bands TRIOS
Stage assistance CUES
Stay (on) LINGER
They're not serious JESTS
Tiger's habitat ASIA
Tire-gauge notation PSI
Tolkien creature ELF
Tribe encountered by Lewis and Clark NEZPERCE
UN member since 1949 ISRAEL
URL opener HTTP
Vision, in brand names VUE
What a plane might be called SHIP
Wheel's edge RIM
Where rds. meet JCT
With 14 Across, films like ''Pretty Woman'' ROM