The Sun - Two Speed - Feb 2 2018

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Clues Answers
Abandon DROP
Anchor firmly EMBED
Anonymous UNNAMED
Appear to be an electronic blend? EMERGE
Ardent fan ADMIRER
Article to headmaster? Not us! THEM
Big cat removing head part of flower ANTHER
Brush, or brushwood? SCRUB
Cagily observed EYED
Christian festival EASTER
Collected volume of transport OMNIBUS
Collection of novels OMNIBUS
Eat away at ERODE
Evil padre somehow came out on top PREVAILED
Fan is terribly mad with anger, right? ADMIRER
Flopped FAILED
Flying mammals BATS
Formerly one to charge, but free from blame EXONERATE
Freeholder OWNER
Generous LIBERAL
Girl swallows another white powder MAGNESIA
Give confidence to old men, be devious EMBOLDEN
Hourglass TIMER
Clues Answers
Hug me having returned with couple EMBRACE
Into that THEREIN
Joined up shortened wave during finale ENROLLED
Journalist grabbing award – fix! EMBED
Make brave EMBOLDEN
Mundane variety without a title UNNAMED
Nocturnal animals attack going backwards BATS
Observed in Henley education EYED
One in the river Edward was unsuccessful FAILED
Part of a stamen ANTHER
Plural pronoun THEM
Prod around in sink DROP
Proprietor is worn out, about last to leave OWNER
Ready to be won over having a meal Ben prepared AMENABLE
Rushed from auditory complaint FLU
See rat come round at egg-giving time EASTER
Send back watch TIMER
Signed on ENROLLED
Soft part of fruit damaged shelf FLESH
Stray ERR
Stray entering powder room ERR
Tolerant artist during malicious statement LIBERAL
Viral cold FLU
Wear away bar held between points ERODE
White powder used as an antacid MAGNESIA
Within that context, neither is wrong THEREIN