The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 26951

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Clues Answers
Appreciates the money earned by Pole at home takes in
Build at the sports ground and refuse to move? make a stand
Characteristic events on the radio offended religious centre SYNDROME
Crack around top of head produces pain ACHE
Criticises one on Times about supporting strike knock for six
Endlessly queue up, getting nothing for it! NIL
Feature of reef failing first examination ORAL
Form of current around river bend ARC
French city bringing in one million for vacations etc TOURISM
Girl's beginning to use speed in run, though clumsily GALUMPH
Good sign, mostly, about boys being happy once GLADSOME
Greek character recalled problem about British diamond RHOMBUS
Greek characters will be revealed in this dawn sun-up
Group he left to engage in economics ECHELON
Half of team keen to bring in new youngster TEENAGER
Clues Answers
Heads of military alliance backed a shuffle in top positions MAXIMA
In favour of striking after Government’s initial brainwashing PROGRAMMING
Line retained by company actor not having a common attachment to line clothes-pin
Munitions left by English — not quite the safe distance? arms-length
Old writer, not elaborate, omitting one description of office open-plan
Origin of tattoo? Daughter having booze DRUM
Satisfied about Biblical text in church music MOTET
Skirt needing attention around back: not true? RATLIKE
Some inhabitants of Uranus taking a spin in these? UFOS
Take over kingdom, having others enchanted magically ascend the throne
The last crooks to display cunning STEALTH
University location affected our team CAMPUS
Unusual sunlamp with Internet control system instrument panel
Use standby shifts for special clothes sunday best
Weight reduced with a lot of skill and a system of rules GRAMMAR