The Sun - Two Speed - Jan 31 2018

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Clues Answers
A cross on large church in Devon town AXMINSTER
Afterwards LATERON
Attribute TRAIT
Before the nobleman – that is right EARLIER
Blood vessels VEINS
Boy under gulf with cool cat ABYSSINIAN
Brown stripy cat TABBY
Cat flap's close at hand TABBY
Colossal VAST
Constrict TIGHTEN
Departed with Ronald some time after LATERON
Devon town AXMINSTER
Ever so VERY
Felony CRIME
Film success, or disaster TITANIC
Garret ATTIC
Grand Canyon state ARIZONA
In the past, another clue about garment CAGOULE
Inner tubes to have in shop display VEINS
Leg joint KNEE
Lightweight anorak CAGOULE
Clues Answers
Listen to team's leader with compassion HEART
Mannerism of turncoat, or not TRAIT
Massive head of steam entering wine container VAST
Miserly person to keep cash at resort CHEAPSKATE
Not many become word of opposite meaning ANTONYM
Of old Ethiopia ABYSSINIAN
Overly aware of lion, success is problematic SELFCONSCIOUS
Overly sentimental SOPPY
Rumba cast a shadow UMBRA
Sauce! Keeping very soft and sentimental SOPPY
Shadow UMBRA
Shoddy goods given a farewell TATA
So everywhere? Only partly VERY
State region endless in operatic song ARIZONA
Strong person, we hear, to become tense TIGHTEN
This will get bent on the way down KNEE
Translation of 'merci' – it's illegal CRIME
Upper chamber a couple of times single and cold ATTIC
Venomous creature shown without tail on sign SCORPIO
Vital organ HEART
Word of opposite meaning ANTONYM
Zodiac sign SCORPIO