Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Feb 7 2018

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Clues Answers
' match?' GOTA
' with Love' TOSIR
'... man mouse?' ORA
'50s Ford EDSEL
'Ben-Hur' author Wallace LEW
'Caught ya!' AHA
Aachen article EINE
Angeles LOS
Art Deco master ERTE
Aussie hopper ROO
Autobahn auto OPEL
Bit of buck-shot PELLET
Blackbird ANI
Brewer's kiln OAST
Buckeye state OHIO
Cabana site POOLSIDE
Calendar abbr OCT
Caustic cleaner LYE
Charlatan FRAUD
Chess soldier PAWN
Conk out DIE
Corpulent FAT
Daytime drama SOAP
Departed LEFT
Famous NOTED
Faux PAS
Fringe benefit PERK
Grammarian's concern USAGE
Hangouts for hustlers POOLHALLS
Hayseed RUBE
Highly rated AONE
Clues Answers
Homer's cry DOH
In favor of FOR
Incite GOAD
Joke GAG
La-la lead-in OOH
Land measure ACRE
Life story (Abbr.) BIOG
Maja painter GOYA
Martian mover UFO
Mauna KEA
Miles away AFAR
Nonsense GUFF
Palm starch SAGO
Praise in verse ODE
Prune LOP
Queen of Carthage DIDO
RBI, for one STAT
Roundish 'do AFRO
Russian river URAL
Score units (Abbr.) PTS
Scoundrel HEEL
Shoebox datum WIDTH
Small combo TRIO
Squealer RAT
Still owed UNPAID
Taboo NONO
Texter's chuckle LOL
Thumbs-down REFUSAL
Trace WISP
Tragic DIRE
Web address URL
Woodshop sweepings SAWDUST
Yucatan year ANO