Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Feb 5 2018

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Clues Answers
'CSI' find DNA
'Toodle-oo!' TATA
Actress Tyne DALY
AOL, for one ISP
Apple tablet IPAD
Authentic REAL
Banquet FEAST
Bearded farm animals GOATS
Brit's restroom LOO
Burning AFLAME
Bygone jet SST
Calendar abbr MON
Call from a nursery MOMMY
Carpenters' collections TOOLSETS
Catch sight of ESPY
Coin toss FLIP
Cool and damp CLAMMY
Diego SAN
Do something ACT
Eyeglass frames RIMS
Father of 34-Across ADAM
Feet, slangily TOOTSIES
First son CAIN
Fizzy drink SODA
Goose egg NIL
Greek vowel ETA
Handbag handles STRAPS
High-five sound SLAP
Jubilation GLEE
Kanga's kid ROO
King of the jungle LION
Clues Answers
Kitchen gadget brand OXO
L-P link MNO
Last writes? OBIT
Likely APT
Manhattan area SOHO
mater ALMA
Mel of baseball OTT
Musical pace TEMPO
New Year's Eve shower CONFETTI
Not in time TOOLATE
Ocean motion TIDE
Plays the flute TOOTLES
Population count CENSUS
Quarrel SPAT
Riga native LETT
Seeger or Sampras PETE
Sick as ADOG
Source ROOT
Tel Aviv's land ISRAEL
Theater award OBIE
Trucker in a union TEAMSTER
Turf SOD
Undo a dele STET
Use scissors SNIP
Venus de MILO
Wax-coated cheese EDAM
Wears out EXHAUSTS
Wordsworth work POEM
Yam color ORANGE
Year in Acapulco ANO