The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 27,418 - Jan 29 2018

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Clues Answers
... but destroyed a giant hen THENAGAIN
... sanctioned over participating in the bombing of Dresden ENDORSED
A doctor trapped in station went on the rampage RANAMOK
Bar set up for merrymaking REVEL
Book deal in trouble DANIEL
Boss detailed to catch Irish animal GIRAFFE
Clean dirty weapon LANCE
Cooks receiving letter about items on the house? FREEBIES
Discount English book with standard jacket REBATE
Elegant plot about broadcast DEBONAIR
Enlightened American overcoming battle with drug AWARE
European city home to heart of religious relic HANGOVER
Fish with rod PERCH
Hairstyle involving plait twisted around bottom parts of wig PIGTAIL
Herb wanting space in flower bed ROSARY
Clues Answers
Item found in dock? DETAIL
Moccasin chosen to cover part of foot INCH
Ms Garland beaten in top score at the bridge table GRANDSLAM
No points awarded to amateur coming back for old elephant MASTODON
Options shown here for sailor accepting request by bishop TASKBAR
Pal drinking shake ordered to get a move on MAKEHASTE
Relish being fashion designer in large house PICKLE
Right to withdraw from deal with milk supplier TEAT
Submit to European rule after university clergyman's in post SURRENDER
Teenager prepared to accept central part of farmer's contract ... AGREEMENT
Trader supposed to go round royal church MERCHANT
Unpopular Soviet leader visiting a German POW camp ... STALAG
Upturned vessel containing a Catholic Church deity BACCHUS
Vegetable served after a special introduction to Alan Sugar backfired ASPARAGUS
Very large beetroot served with full-flavoured bird OSTRICH