New York Times - Jan 13 2009

Clues Answers
'My gal' of song SAL
'Need You Tonight' band, 1987 INXS
'With a wink and ___ ...' ANOD
1972 treaty subj. ABM
24 horas DIA
Anchor MOOR
Apple variety IMAC
Aviator Earhart AMELIA
Bears: Lat. URSI
Big boom maker TNT
Boar's mate SOW
Brown eyes or baldness, e.g. TRAIT
Carrier to Oslo SAS
Center of an egg YOLK
Common knee stain for kids GRASS
Crucifix ROOD
Dappled horses ROANS
Darn SEW
Deli queue call NEXT
Deuce follower in tennis ADOUT
Easy mark SAP
Encircle HEMIN
Equestrian's 'Stop!' WHOA
Flapjack eatery, for short IHOP
French river valley with many châteaux LOIRE
Fuss ADO
Get-up-and-go OOMPH
Had dinner at home ATEIN
Hang around LOITER
Hard-core film 'rating' XXX
Hockey fake-out DEKE
Jockey's handful REINS
Madeline of 'Young Frankenstein' KAHN
Marge's sister, to Bart Simpson AUNTSELMA
Mexican mister SENOR
Moonwalking Armstrong NEIL
Most confident SUREST
Neighbor of Israel SYRIA
Not a good way to buy a car SIGHTUNSEEN
Clues Answers
Oinker PIG
Once more AGAIN
Online guffaw LOL
Oodles ALOT
Outback hopper KANGAROO
Outback runner EMU
Outer: Prefix ECTO
Popular record label ARISTA
Postpaid encl. SASE
Reedy place MARSH
Regard highly ADMIRE
Reggae relative SKA
Reward for a job well done RAISE
Risk-taker's credo NOGUTSNOGLORY
Rough cord TWINE
Rowboat implement OAR
Seasonal Arctic phenomenon MIDNIGHTSUN
Secret govt. group NSA
Secret of many a redhead DYE
Shoes that add inches to one's height HEELS
Shout at a soccer game GOAL
Soviet labor camp GULAG
Spanish uncle TIO
Squeeze (out) EKE
Stallone's nickname SLY
Steakhouse offering RIBEYE
Supermodel Cheryl TIEGS
Suspicious LEERY
The first 'T' in 36-Down TRI
Thorny shrub ROSEBUSH
Tortilla chip dip SALSA
Transport in Duke Ellington's theme song ATRAIN
Two-seated carriage SURREY
What 17-, 26-, 38-, and 52-Across contain MIXEDNUTS
What a barber has to trim around EAR
Zippo NIL
___ B'rith BNAI
___ Minor ASIA
___ Report (luxury lifestyle magazine) ROBB