Universal - Jan 28 2018

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Clues Answers
"The Phantom Menace" lad ANI
"Where have you ____?" BEEN
Alias preceder AKA
Any class reunion tune? OLDIE
Appear SEEM
Archaic prefix for "while" ERST
Author Asimov ISAAC
Barrel remnant DREG
Betting group POOL
Beyond unconventional OUTRE
Bug revealer BETATEST
Canadian dollar bird LOON
Chimney passage FLUE
Construction site sights CRANES
Crazy LOCO
Dairy sound MOO
Dallas QB legend Aikman TROY
Delicious TASTY
DNA transmitter GERMCELL
Emulates a biblical Thomas DOUBTS
Enjoy a winter sport SKI
Fall behind LAG
Fateful March day IDES
Flightless ratite EMU
Foolish GOOSY
Front door item MAT
Gangly LANKY
Going for seconds joke (Part 1) EATINGYOURWATCH
Going for seconds joke (Part 2) ISDUMBYOULLFIND
Going for seconds joke (Part 3) ITTIMECONSUMING
Had on WORE
Has regrets RUES
Heat-resistant glass PYREX
Hoarfrost kin RIME
Hokkaido native AINU
Home of the Dream Team USA
Huge cutter BROADAX
Huge uprising RIOT
Clues Answers
Huge water crosser LINER
In a drab way DRYLY
Indian butters GHEES
Indian tourist city AGRA
Inner skull innards MIDBRAINS
It gets off the ground PLANE
It makes a question with anything? ELSE
Judge or critic RATER
Kebab skewer SPIT
Keyboard key ALT
Less nuts SANER
Lyrical poems ODES
Make oneself heard SHOUT
Man one ADAM
Mink relative OTTER
Misspells, e.g ERRS
Mobster's guns GATS
Morning prayers MATINS
Mrs. Dithers of the comics CORA
Non-pedigree dog CUR
Obscures SCREENS
On the ocean ATSEA
Payment to influence BRIBE
Phoenix starters ASHES
Pirate's buddy MATEY
Place for trash CAN
Prepares to plant trees DIGS
President post-Madison MONROE
Put in a dye vat SOAK
Scouting mission, briefly RECON
Shirt type TEE
Singer Summer DONNA
Start of a good knock RATTAT
TV offering SERIES
Use a pacifier SUCK
West-to-east wind ANTITRADE
Words with "I'm working" ONIT
Your patella is there KNEE