Universal - Jan 27 2018

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Clues Answers
A code words? ALFAS
Auberjonois or Russo RENE
Back off a bit LETUP
Ball perch TEE
Bar on a limo? AXLE
Battlefield doc MEDIC
Beyond stupid IDIOTIC
Big name in boxing ALI
Bizet opera priestess LEILA
Black-eyed things PEAS
Book size OCTAVO
Bryn ___ College MAWR
Computer character set ASCII
Craving ITCH
Creative thought IDEA
Deck's safety feature RAIL
Disappointing backslide RELAPSE
Down votes NAYS
Emulate a moth FLIT
Expensive wraps STOLES
Field drops DEW
Former flames EXES
Foul and damp DANK
From days of yore OLDEN
Gamboling place LEA
Goya's bare model ALBA
Grecian art object URN
Group of linked novels, e.g SAGA
Head set? HAIRDO
It makes the elderly elderly AGE
It's tailor-made SEAM
Itty-bitty bit IOTA
Jumble MIXUP
Knighted Guinness ALEC
Law enforcement "team" SWAT
Leave quietly SLOPEOFF
Like freakish coincidences EERIE
Lobster's crusher CLAW
Clues Answers
Loyal royal subject LIEGE
Maintainer of tiny hills ANT
Metrical foot IAMBI
Milk shake-up (Part 1) ALLCOWSWHODOTHE
Milk shake-up (Part 2) LIMBOWILLSUFFER
Milk shake-up (Part 3) UDDEREXHAUSTION
More than brings down RUINS
Muslim deity ALLAH
Neuter, as a horse GELD
No longer needing the vine RIPE
Northern borders? ENS
Novelty "pet" CHIA
Obstructions or obstacles BARRIERS
Operation Overlord time DDAY
Opportunity, metaphorically DOOR
Picks and chooses CULLS
Portray onstage ENACT
Press into service USE
Pulsating pain ACHE
Reattach a button SEW
Showcase records DEMOS
Smarts WITS
Solves a knot UNTIES
Some toasts SKOALS
Space chimp of 1961 ENOS
Spread about STREW
Stone paving block SETT
Sudden flow SPATE
Sun prefix HELIO
The oldest of the bunch ELDER
Wander ROAM
Western films OATERS
Wingless bloodsuckers LICE
Words with "date" or "snuff" UPTO
Words with "good example" SETA
Yellow-orange OCHER
You'll find cowards there REAR