The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 7559

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Clues Answers
Border, outer part FRINGE
Cartoon story comic strip
Correct; entitlement RIGHT
Dish instructions RECIPE
Durable wood TEAK
Food store PANTRY
Graceful bearing POISE
Hand over; plaster RENDER
Intense headache MIGRAINE
Jimmy —, US president CARTER
Joint connector LIGAMENT
Knocking noise rat-a-tat
Lavish slap-up
Clues Answers
Long-horned antelope ORYX
Mine; fruit stone PIT
Paved outdoor area PATIO
Percussion instrument DRUM
Remain; steady STAY
Roof of the mouth PALATE
Shake, tremble PALPITATE
Soothing song LULLABY
Ten-faced solid DECAHEDRON
Thin sword RAPIER
Town dignitary MAYOR
Woodworker CARPENTER
Writing instrument PEN