The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1013

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Clues Answers
A requirement to mask one’s strong scent ANISEED
A sailor looking up guide to the world ATLAS
Beef beats fish TOPSIDE
Begin to appear, waving wand DAWN
Cereal-producing palm, small in the past SAGO
Coffee’s nice aroma wafting about AMERICANO
Connect to computer using identifying symbol and name log on
Criminal’s nice house and home VILLAIN
Dye farm workers applied to tail of beast PIGMENT
Fresh effort for millennial government new labour
Frightening sort of clock? ALARM
Gibbet shines, fitted with aluminium GALLOWS
In which spare food is taken back to the lab? doggy bag
Clues Answers
Make sense in total add up
Malicious programs such as Bond might use? SPYWARE
Mischievous adventure has disturbed peace — sad ESCAPADE
Mummy’s rhyme that soothes baby DUMMY
Nature god initially defending a creature that’s endangered PANDA
Note, part of lush arpeggio? SHARP
Nothing at first? Points out choices OPTIONS
Officer’s fabric more important to clothe worker sergeant major
Shame about end of true religious devotion PIETY
So keen a Colonel? MUSTARD
Sort of car for 5? I don’t believe it! get away
State has popular princess INDIANA