Universal - Jan 23 2018

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Clues Answers
"Bravo" initiators ENCORES
"It's ___ cause" ALOST
"Jeopardy!" feature DAILYDOUBLE
"My kingdom for ___!" AHORSE
"Now ___ heard everything!" IVE
"Snowy" birds EGRETS
16 NFL games SEASON
Ad-receiving roster MAILINGLIST
Any commuter on a bus RIDER
Attachment to "concert" GOERS
Banquet with insults ROAST
Be incorrect ERR
Branching horn ANTLER
Catch, as a film SEE
Certain noblemen EARLS
Chain letters, genetically RNA
Chem class setting LAB
Choler IRE
Clownish caper ANTIC
Content of cognition THOUGHT
Cooks using radiant heat BROILS
Correspond AGREE
Cupid relative EROS
Cut in an envelope SLIT
Elliptical OVATE
Feature of Amish men BEARD
Fitzgerald and Joyce ELLAS
Flip remark? TAILS
Frigid home IGLOO
Golfer's widget TEE
Great sadness, poetically DOLOR
Hawaii, on many maps INSET
Hispanic person LATINO
Historic 1944 event DDAY
Human talons NAILS
Jumped for joy (var.) LEAPT
Lit or plastered SOUSED
Clues Answers
Little bird sound TWEET
Little photos? PICS
Louisville legend ALI
Mentally out there INSANE
Needlelike instruments STYLETS
New in Louisiana? ORLEANS
No longer in PASSE
Not yet ablaze UNLIT
Obliquely ASLANT
One wanted in the wild West OUTLAW
Oscar-winner Sophia LOREN
Pains in the neck PESTS
Paisley and Garrett BRADS
Part of a teapot SPOUT
Pathway, as for peace ROADMAP
Pressure-appliers for bill passage railroaders
Safe spot HAVEN
Sense No. 6 ESP
Sheep with short wool DORSET
Sign of spring BUD
Some meat cuts LOINS
Spanish gentleman SENOR
Start for a menu "king" ALA
Stick with a bang TNT
Stir up sediments ROIL
Tasty dishes VIANDS
Tattered cloth RAG
Tracer's tool STENCIL
U-turn from sweet BITTER
Used a keyboard TYPED
Vulgarian LOUT
Widen, as pupils DILATE
With defined muscles TONED
Wood-shaping tool (var.) ADZ
Word with "many years" AGO
Word with "only money" ITS