The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 7556

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Clues Answers
Anxious, apprehensive NERVOUS
Approving sign thumbs-up
Arduous training for soldiers assault course
Bundle of grain stalks SHEAF
Catch sight of ESPY
Common sweetener SUGAR
Egyptian goddess ISIS
Extra dividend BONUS
Game; letter G GOLF
Giving the mind stimulation INSPIRATIONAL
Good physical form SHAPE
Incidental benefit spin-off
Mass meeting RALLY
Clues Answers
Mover of scenery SHIFTER
Neurological disorder EPILEPSY
North African country TUNISIA
Numeral; finger DIGIT
Recapped summed up
Ruler; butterfly EMPEROR
Short expression PHRASE
Sudden disappointment BLOW
Trendy person HIPSTER
Violent attempt to seize power PUTSCH
Wealth, luxury OPULENCE
Worshipped object FETISH