Universal - Jan 22 2018

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Clues Answers
"I'll second that" AMEN
"Look at that!" OOH
A musical major KEY
Any it THING
Apron for art class SMOCK
Barnyard baby CHICK
Bell's toll KNELL
Big ___ (David Ortiz nickname) PAPI
Blade making waves OAR
Blockheads DODOS
Boredom, to Mr. Fancy Pants ENNUI
Brings people food WAITS
Chimney lining SOOT
Contractor's vehicle VAN
Crazy caper ANTIC
Creamlike color ECRU
Dish for bacteria PETRI
Doesn't speak clearly SLURS
Essential and urgent IMPERATIVE
Family car SEDAN
Final bossy demands ULTIMATUMS
Flamboyance ELAN
Former Miss Trueheart TESS
Fussy flaps TODOS
Goods, to a peddler WARES
Harvester or red ANT
Having the least mercy CRUELEST
Highfalutin' ARTY
Hither partner YON
Hoity-toity one SNOOT
Home heating fuel OIL
Hot springs offering SPA
How-to's purpose INSTRUCTION
Instrument that takes a bow CELLO
Intensify, in slang AMPUP
Introducer of many EMCEE
Jacket kin COAT
Juno's Greek counterpart HERA
Large shopping bag TOTE
Clues Answers
Lyricist's kin POET
Make indecisive sounds HEM
Man, for one MAMMAL
Match sound to video SYNC
Mayday SOS
Midnight and America (Abbr.) CPTS
Monthly payment RENT
More than enough AMPLE
Native American pole TOTEM
Ninja in a shell TURTLE
Old-style monitor CRT
One of 10 on tablets COMMANDMENT
Operating right now INUSE
Perfect pigskin passes SPIRALS
Pie ___ mode ALA
Place for a tennis judge NET
Portable seating? LAP
Remote access? CHANNEL
Riverbed bedding SEDIMENT
Seriously macho dudes HEMEN
Sharp right shape ELL
Solemn agreements PACTS
Something bad to walk into TRAP
Spacek of acting SISSY
Spanish painter Joan MIRO
Stable female MARE
Stacked stack PILE
Store with grub GROCERY
Target for a surgeon TUMOR
Targets of Tilex MILDEWS
The avant-garde's Yoko ONO
The stuff of armories WEAPONS
Turn over UPEND
Use little scissors SNIP
What play time is divided into ACTS
When I'll see you? LATER
With deep pockets RICH
Work the reins CONTROL
___-do-well NEER