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Clues Answers
'-- for Alibi' AIS
'-- girl!' ('All right!') ATTA
'-- is human ...' TOERR
'-- Less Ordinary' ALIFE
'-- wise guy, eh?' SOA
'Harrumph!' BAH
'Hips Don't Lie' singer SHAKIRA
'No clue' IDUNNO
'Norma --' RAE
'Of course!' SURE
'Oh wow!' GEE
'Orinoco Flow' singer ENYA
'T.N.T.' rock band ACDC
'Three Sisters' sister IRINA
'Vette, e.g CHEVY
-- Grey EARL
-- polloi HOI
1975 Wimbledon winner ... and 'Shape of You' singer ARTHURASHEERAN
1983 Mr. T comedy DCCAB
1996 role for Madonna EVAPERON
2006 Sacha Baron Cohen film BORAT
61-Down producer POLYP
Abnormal plant swelling EDEMA
Actress Blyth ANN
Actress Mitzi MCCALL
Arduous task ONUS
Atelier tripod EASEL
Ballpark gate STILE
Bays, e.g INLETS
Berlin-to-Prague dir SSE
Bern's river AARE
Birthplace of St. Francis ASSISI
Bistro bills TABS
Body of work OEUVRE
Buenos -- AIRES
Buster Brown's dog TIGE
Capone and Unser ALS
Caring KIND
Celine of song DION
Central point HUB
Cited as evidence ADDUCED
Classic car REO
Coach Parseghian ARA
Commanded BADE
Deputy of an envoy ... and old CBS variety show host VICECONSULLIVAN
Desertion of one's faith APOSTASY
Detective, slangily GUMSHOE
Discoverer of Uranus ... and 'The Office' co-star WILLIAMHERSCHELMS
Disk at the end of a spur ROWEL
Dupe CON
Electrical current unit AMPERE
Explorer Hernando de -- SOTO
Fizzling thing DUD
Fried quickly SAUTEED
Game venue ARENA
Gaucho rope RIATA
German article EIN
Glides on ice SKATES
Gold, in Italy ORO
Guitar pioneer Paul LES
Having five sharps INB
He directed 'Life of Pi' ANGLEE
Hedy of film LAMARR
Highway pull-off RESTAREA
Holiday drink NOG
Hoopla ADO
Hosp. scan MRI
Italicize, e.g STRESS
Jib holder MAST
Job opening fillers HIRERS
Joined with TIEDTO
Clues Answers
Kin of khaki DENIM
Klee output ART
Large, hooded snake ... and '60 Minutes' reporter for 26 years KINGCOBRADLEY
Left-leaning slant ... and 'Lou Grant' star LIBERALBIASNER
Letter #3 CEE
Liquefy THAW
Long to undo RUE
Long-range German gun of WWI ... and 'Apollo 13' Oscar nominee BIGBERTHARRIS
Luau paste POI
Mali's cont AFR
Many a repo AUTO
Martin Luther opponent Johann ECK
Mexican article LAS
Money from investments ... and Reagan cabineteer UNEARNEDINCOMEESE
Moray, e.g EEL
Most adept ABLEST
Move quickly HIE
National park in Maine ACADIA
Natty tie ASCOT
News anchor Katie COURIC
NHL's Bobby ORR
Nobelist Arafat YASIR
Nobelist Niels BOHR
Not be idle ACT
Off course AFIELD
Officer played by Phil Silvers ... and 1970s-'80s New York City mayor SERGEANTBILKOCH
Olay product ... and 'My Cup Runneth Over' singer SKINCREAMES
On deck, say ABOARD
Opal finish? INE
Open, as a shutter UNLATCH
Pastoral verse IDYLL
PCs on planes, often LAPTOPS
Pet treaters VETS
Plus more: Abbr ETC
Poetic form ODE
Polynesian-themed lounges TIKIBARS
Previous to ERE
Quad bike, e.g ATV
Rage IRE
React to, as a bad pun GROANAT
Reef stuff CORAL
Reflect (on) DWELL
Rolodex no TEL
Rose color RED
Rural hotels INNS
Schindler with a list OSKAR
Sea, to Luc MER
Sheriff Andy Taylor's tyke OPIE
Ship sailing past sirens ARGO
Slaughter with a bat ENOS
Snacker on termites ANTEATER
Soccer star Chastain BRANDI
Special span ERA
Spoil MAR
Steeping sauce MARINADE
Suffix with 66-Across IST
Suffix with compliment ARY
Suffix with priest ESS
Thurman of 'Prime' UMA
To another country ABROAD
To the extent that SOFARAS
Tokyo, once EDO
Tree with fan-shaped leaves GINKGO
Turndowns NOS
U.S. architect I.M PEI
Unboastful MODEST
University of Maine's city ORONO
Up to, in ads TIL
Whoop it up REVEL
Young male, in hip-hop BOI