Universal - Jan 15 2018

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Clues Answers
"... Bojangles and ___ dance for you" HED
"Also ..." PLUS
"Bejabbers!" kin EGAD
America's official bird EAGLE
An Oxford college ORIEL
Ancient sacred chests ARKS
Apartment building owner LESSOR
Apologetic one's activity? EATINGHUMBLEPIE
Artificial silky fabric RAYON
Bailiwicks DOMAINS
Boxer Griffith EMILE
Buck's partner DOE
Bus garage DEPOT
Campbell of "Party of Five" NEVE
Chubby PLUMP
City in Florida TAMPA
Cold shelter IGLOO
Cooler's cooler ICE
Cuban export CIGAR
Days before holidays EVES
Desperate for cash NEEDY
Do attachment, to King James ETH
Dollar of China YUAN
Earthshaking event TREMOR
Eyelid annoyance STYE
Fluffy rug type SHAG
Hair salon sound SNIP
Higher than OVER
Homologous AKIN
Indistinct sight BLUR
Involved with, as a crime INON
Japanese port city OSAKA
Leader of the Family Stone SLY
Legal matter TORT
Like Lucifer EVIL
Like noble gases INERT
Like some drug testing RANDOM
Clues Answers
Make less tight LOOSEN
Maritime vessel SHIP
Mass in the Arctic BERG
Missile storage SILO
Mountaineering attempts ASCENTS
Nearly wipe out DECIMATE
Once, once ERST
One with top billing STAR
Outstanding rating AONE
Overseas currency EURO
Place to pick up dates? OASIS
Play section ACT
Plea written with rocks SOS
Pool measurement DEPTH
Prefix with "American" AFRO
Prefix with "social" ANTI
Primitive weapon SPEAR
Ripped TORE
Snoring under covers ABED
Steak-and-onion-eater's necessity? AFTERDINNERMINT
Subway access STILE
Tactic PLOY
Tenth-graders, briefly SOPHS
The usual thing NORM
Tiny bride and groom's place? TRIPLELAYERCAKE
Tire inflation letters PSI
Two regarded as a pair DYAD
Type of '60s protest SITIN
Type of film "Proposal" INDECENT
U-turn from widely distributed RARE
Used a darning needle MENDED
Utterances of resignation SIGHS
Word with "I kid you" NOT
Writer T.S ELIOT
Zip relative NIL
___-apple juice cocktail CRAN