- Jan 15 2018

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Clues Answers
''Hot'' rum drink TODDY
''Lost dog'' poster offer REWARD
''__ bet on it!'' DONT
100 percent, as gold PURE
24-hour outing DAYTRIP
Aerosol can output SPRAY
Aesop's stories FABLES
Aspirin tablet PILL
Batch of laundry LOAD
Benches and chairs SEATS
Bits of fire FLAMES
Black-and-white cookie OREO
Blotter/pencil-cup ensemble DESKSET
Burn slightly CHAR
Canyon sound ECHO
Catch sight of SEE
City near Phoenix TEMPE
Clumsy person CLOD
Concert venue ARENA
Concludes ENDS
Corporate emblem LOGO
Courteous CIVIL
Dalmatian markings SPOTS
Difficult HARD
Easter entrée that's cured and smoked COUNTRYHAM
End up as the winner PREVAIL
Evaluates RATES
Female choir voice ALTO
Gas in some store signs NEON
Gift wrapper's adhesive TAPE
Glorify, as in prayer BLESS
Good buddies PALS
Grocery shopper's sheet LIST
Informal ''okay'' YEP
Informal chat RAPSESSION
Instrumental musical group BAND
IRS-form experts: Abbr CPAS
Jackets and parkas COATS
Jittery EDGY
Clues Answers
Light brown color TAN
Locales with vacation facilities RESORTS
Long heroic tales EPICS
Magicians' sticks WANDS
Matures, as wine AGES
Medical insurance grp. with copays HMO
Modify to fit ADAPT
Motion picture MOVIE
Music player from Apple IPOD
Mustard or mayo SPREAD
Narrow cut SLIT
Oil cartel OPEC
Opera solo ARIA
Pear varieties BOSCS
Pebble or boulder STONE
Pigsties PENS
Plastic container for cola POPBOTTLE
Poems of praise ODES
Pretzel topping SALT
Repetitive learning method ROTE
Roaring feline LION
See-through camera part LENS
Showery forecast RAIN
Shut tightly SEAL
Slice of pie WEDGE
Sugar-crystal confection ROCKCANDY
Swiss peak ALP
Top of the head SCALP
Unoccupied, as an apartment VACANT
Vehicle in a hangar PLANE
Vehicle with a meter CAB
Very knowledgeable WISE
Wear away ERODE
West Texas city ELPASO
Wish earnestly HOPE
With beef, as pasta sauces MEATY
Wonderland girl ALICE
__ bear (Arctic beast) POLAR
__ Vegas, NV LAS