Universal - Jan 13 2018

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Clues Answers
"Checkered" times of old PASTS
"Me, Myself & ___" (movie) IRENE
"Peer Gynt" playwright IBSEN
100 U.S. lbs CWT
Any surface scratcher MARRER
Barely-there beach wear THONG
Be a surgeon OPERATE
Be victorious TRIUMPHOVER
Blend first PREMIX
Bragging rooster? CROWER
Bruce of the comics WAYNE
Bruins' Bobby Hockey ORR
Calorie-rich dessert TORTE
Canola and peanut OILS
Cause to fall RUINATE
City in Ohio DAYTON
Cover one's birthday suit DRESS
Criticize sharply DECRY
Deep-six SCRAP
Defunct electronics co RCA
Designated NAMED
Do a biblical no-no COVET
Egret's cousin IBIS
Elsie the cow's company BORDEN
Exhausted TIRED
Fancy sewing case ETUI
Faucet TAP
Flightless Australian birds EMUS
Frustrating event TRIBULATION
Giants legend Mel OTT
Goat antelope SEROW
Gun the engine REV
Gunky stuff CRUD
Clues Answers
Head a meeting CHAIR
Horned dinosaur TRICERATOPS
Kid-made dessert? MUDPIE
Knit fabric for this theme TRICOT
Kramer on TV COSMO
Learned person SCHOLAR
Like many professors TENURED
Listener's lending? ANEAR
Make into law ENACT
Maternally related ENATE
Measure using trigonometry TRIANGULATE
Mr. of India SRI
New York "Bombers" BRONX
Not impartial BIASED
Outrigger's paddle OAR
Parisian avenues RUES
Parisian pancake CREPE
Place for extreme pampering SPA
Play boisterously GAMBOL
Powerful jungle creature APE
Say under one's breath MUTTER
Scientist Marie CURIE
Seabird with a long bill GANNET
Seven of old Rome VII
Shred every which way RIPUP
Sidestepped EVADED
Summer office worker INTERN
Thespian ACTOR
Thing's pronoun ITS
Ticked feeling IRE
Twosomes DUADS
Weirdly strange EERIE
Word before a maiden name NEE
Words - minute link PER
Writer Levin IRA
Wry literary twist IRONY
___ Jeane aka Marilyn NORMA