Wall Street Journal - Jan 13 2018 - Weld Done!

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Clues Answers
'All the Money in the World' figure GETTY
'Calvin and Hobbes' girl SUSIE
'Cradle of Polynesia' SAMOA
'Plan 9 from Outer Space' star LUGOSI
'The Art of the Fugue' composer BACH
'The skin of an animal, especially when tanned'? HIDEDEFINITION
1969 World Series champs METS
1980s attorney general MEESE
Adrenaline, informally EPI
Architect's afterthought ADDON
Art gallery owner, on occasion? NUDEDEALER
Ashleigh Murray's 'Riverdale' role JOSIE
Back-to-back move DOSIDO
Band's boomers AMPS
Betray surprise GASP
Big Island 'Bye!' ALOHA
Bit of psychological manipulation HEADGAME
Blunts DULLS
Brings in EARNS
Cancun coin PESO
Cargo hauler SEMI
Carmine's cousin CERISE
Carries a balance OWES
Catches SNARES
Ceremonial dinners SEDERS
Chaotic skirmishes MELEES
Chew the scenery EMOTE
Claim while cuffed ALIBI
Clears out GOES
Clinic address DOC
Clone of a kernel? SEEDDOUBLE
Cockeyed ALOP
Comte's superior DUC
Con quest PAROLE
Confederate ALLY
Conical quarters TEPEES
Cops' collars PERPS
Corduroy feature RIDGES
Crunch target ABS
Cuckoo BATTY
Dabbling ducks TEALS
Danny's 'Lethal Weapon' co-star MEL
Defensive tackle Rodney COE
Delicacy TACT
Derby patron's quaff JULEP
Dishevels MUSSES
Easy on the eye LOVELY
Elbow, say NUDGE
Elementary curriculum THREERS
Fastidious dresser FOP
Feature of a Renaissance Faire costumer's manual? BARDDIAGRAM
Great buy STEAL
Green prefix ECO
Have as a customer SELLTO
Homicidal alter ego HYDE
Honda's luxury marque ACURA
Howitzer ammo SHELLS
Illustrious EMINENT
In the vicinity ABOUT
It's inclined to move up and down RAMP
Jackson Hole backdrop TETONS
Jazz trumpeter Baker CHET
King Mongkut's realm SIAM
Knot, e.g UNIT
Large number SLEW
Late deliveries? EULOGIES
Like some Chardonnays OAKY
Clues Answers
Like some yoga TANTRIC
Like the Ferrari Testarossa WEDGY
London lockup GAOL
Lookouts' sites TOWERS
Major route ARTERY
Makes a sacrifice, perhaps BUNTS
Making less mess NEATER
Mathematician's multiplicative identity ONE
Miniature maelstrom EDDY
More unpleasantly soggy DANKER
No longer sleeping ASTIR
Nursery occupant TOT
Oar fulcra THOLES
On the block FORSALE
Parapsychology powers PSI
Party favorite NOMINEE
Period when honeyed drinks were popular? MEADDECADE
Phillies manager Kapler GABE
Piglets SHOATS
Plays a round GOLFS
Poultry pens COOPS
Produces on a press RUNSOFF
Prospectors' finds LODES
Protractor measure ARC
Recreational activity PASTIME
Roughly 15 feet by 6 feet by 5 feet, for the Focus? FORDDIMENSIONS
Rousseau painting set in a jungle THEDREAM
Sage fellows SWAMIS
Satisfies MEETS
Self-possession POISE
Shakespearean schemer IAGO
Shuts down, as a harbor ICESIN
Sign of life PULSE
Singers Maggie and Patsy CLINES
Smartphone precursors PDAS
Sock hops that are really hopping? TOADDANCES
Some skirts MIDIS
Spiny pet IGUANA
Spoils, in a way RAINSON
Stone used for some pendants AGATE
Substantial, as a sum TIDY
Swift specialty IRONY
Swift works SATIRES
The film industry MOVIEDOM
They know the score MAESTROS
Thick soup, perhaps PUREE
Tibetan transport YAK
Ticks off STEAMS
Tiny terror IMP
Typical sixth-grader PRETEEN
Unadorned BARE
Undersized RUNTY
Unimportant person NOBODY
Uru. neighbor ARG
Uses a key on, in a way DECODES
Venetian magistrate DOGE
Violent sandstorm of north Africa HABOOB
Vivien's 'Gone With the Wind' co-star CLARK
Was a buttinsky MEDDLED
Wasn't well AILED
Wedding reception guest INLAW
Winner of eight Best Choreography Tonys BOBFOSSE
With tongue in cheek DROLLY
Work period DAY
___ Dhabi ABU