Universal - Jan 11 2018

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Clues Answers
"... a big ___ hen" FAT
"... in ___-horse open sleigh" AONE
"... ___, whatever will be..." SERA
"Ah me!" utterance SIGH
"Ahem" PSST
"Cleanliness is ___ godliness" NEXTTO
"Clear the ___!" AREA
"Duck, duck, ___" GOOSE
"El ___" (Spanish saga) CID
"For goodness' ___!" SAKES
"For two," in music ADUE
"Four" prefixes TETRAS
Bar's juicer? SOT
Become man and wife TIETHEKNOT
Before, if you're 475 ERE
Bejeweled Elizabeth II? QUEENOFDIAMONDS
Bibliographic shortener ETAL
Caribbean taro EDDO
Castigates RIPS
Caviar ROE
Cocoon's makeup SILK
Commence START
Director Preminger OTTO
Discrimination source RACISM
Disney's "___ Dragon" PETES
Distinguished musician MAESTRO
Dog's cry of anguish YELP
Dollar overseas EURO
Early Briton PICT
Fashions MAKES
Former PLO leader ARAFAT
Frozen abode IGLOO
Go for ___ (go swimming) ADIP
Handy limbs? ARMS
Hawk's home AERIE
Hebrew word for "red" EDOM
Hot winter drink TEA
Clues Answers
Indian prince RAJA
Isfahan's place IRAN
It's a terrible thing to waste MIND
It's volcanic in Sicily ETNA
Joined a poker game ANTED
Least fit for the family RACIEST
Make ___ of it AGO
Melancholy SAD
Mine exit ADIT
MLB wheeler dealers GMS
National character ETHOS
Needing a bath DIRTY
NHL award for Patrick Roy JACKADAMSTROPHY
Noah's yacht ARK
Number of Roma's hills SETTE
Obtains GETS
One smiling at cheese? POSER
Online help resources FAQS
Opera showpiece ARIA
Opposite of flabby TONED
Perform a nightly ritual SLEEP
Pond scum source ALGA
Prefix meaning six HEXA
Premier vehicle? LIMO
Provide with some trait ENDUE
Readies, as a table SETS
Ribs unit SLAB
Sign words with "lunch" OUTTO
Slithering water creatures EELS
Spork part TINE
Sticks up ROBS
Sweepstakes numbers ODDS
Take for ___ (con) ARIDE
Tightly pulled TAUT
To date ASYET
Vertical step part RISER
Video game pioneer ATARI
Word in comparisons THAN
Word with "putty" or "butter" KNIFE