The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 1,949 - Jan 10 2018

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Clues Answers
... phonograph with part of record turned on? EDISON
A thirst with following for Hearts to begin with ATFIRST
Blaze in Isle of Man -- Douglas? FIR
Branch in East Anglian market town is charming DISARMS
Bury remains sharing right concern INTEREST
Cobbler for one is occasionally pricey PIE
Di's avoiding defeat in 6 Across COMFIT
Dismiss party taking Ulster BANISH
E-e sound? REECHO
EU member reported police concerning government CZECHREPUBLIC
Extra insurance covers rolling stock TRAINS
Form of entertainment for those who are up for it INFLIGHT
Information I exploit endlessly, such as 7 GENIUS
Intergovernmental organisation heads shocking, claiming Luxembourg to be criminal UNLAWFUL
Clues Answers
Make less theatrical escape? DECAMP
Mars, say, battered once -- nice to fry CONFECTIONERY
Muggins is somewhat harassed ASS
Novelty enthusiast with mobile phone getting one over the French NEOPHILE
Oh dear, ignore every other character, it's that woman HER
Singleton losing out to everyone in daring partnership ALLIANCE
Spooner's collapsed on honeymoon with banquet inside? WELLFED
Sweet record you heard initially turned high ... HYPEDUP
The old Paul Newman film: one with soldiers suitable for all, Henry's lead in 'Fiddler'? YEHUDIMENUHIN
Uniform required during shift worked for butcher's SHUFTI
US final wise one abandoned -- left before close of play commendably SUPERBLY
Waiting in the wings regardless of scenery and props SETASIDE
Which publisher half separates adults creating scholarly environment? ACADEMIA
Why the hell give someone the third degree? CROSSQUESTION