USA Today - Jan 6 2018

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Clues Answers
"Beau Geste" novelist P.C. ___ WREN
"Come here ___?" OFTEN
$5 bill, slangily ABE
1/100 krone, in Norway ORE
All thumbs INEPT
Artist whose name is the French pronunciation of "RT" ERTE
Assign, as shares ALLOT
Barnyard home STY
Be on the lookout for AWAIT
Bridge seat EAST
Campanile sound PEAL
Campbell who sang "Galveston" GLEN
Cancel at Canaveral ABORT
Centsless? Fortheasking
Chorus member ALTO
Coffee shop open-mike performer, perhaps POET
Congers and morays EELS
Cookie in dirt pudding OREO
Didn't buckle HELD
Dumbstruck state AWE
Engulfed in flames AFIRE
Event with foxhounds HUNT
Explosive sold by Acme TNT
Fateful time for Caesar IDES
Figure above 9 or 0, for short PAREN
Fisher's barbed spears GAFFS
Folks to hang with PALS
Galley oarsman, e.g SLAVE
GM line until 2004 OLDS
Granola bar morsel OAT
Great Barrier Reef makeup CORAL
Grouchoesque look LEER
Hammerhead parts PEENS
Hitchcock's "___ Window" REAR
In addition ASWELL
Incite anger in RILE
Clues Answers
Iowa city near the Skunk river AMES
Jason's craft ARGO
Jump the tracks DERAIL
Lawn mower's path SWATH
Like a damp cellar DANK
Made goo-goo eyes at OGLED
Made like APED
Marathoners or triathletes RACERS
Old section of Algiers CASBAH
One-on-one exam ORAL
Part of a gym rat's set REP
Place to get a burger with a beer BARANDGRILL
Polar bear's resting spot FLOE
Pre-holiday time EVE
Prop for Popeye PIPE
React in shock GASP
Red state org GOP
Richards of tennis, born Richard Raskind RENEE
Right-angle joint ELL
Root beer or birch beer SODA
Scratch the surface of MAR
Sensations of hunger PANGS
Sharapova of tennis MARIA
Sign on for another hitch REUP
Slinky's shape HELIX
South African currency RAND
Spinner of yarns STORYTELLER
Squash, but not turnips SPORT
Start the bidding OPEN
Steinway & ___ (piano maker) SONS
Stereotypical eyepatch wearer PIRATE
Suffix meaning "lover" PHILE
Took one's turn WENT
Tubular pasta PENNE
Unlike Jose Altuve TALL
Weasley at Hogwarts RON
Weigh station visitor SEMI
Word before cord or column SPINAL
Words of empathy ICARE