Universal - Jan 5 2018

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Clues Answers
"... mi fa ___" SOL
"Rocket Man" John ELTON
"___ the fields we go" OER
"___ you kidding?" ARE
11 of 12 yearly, briefly NOV
Additionally ALSO
Alien craft UFO
All ___ (listening) EARS
Atoll part ISLET
Aviated FLEW
Big-eyed primates LORISES
Blizzard component SNOW
Burning, as a candle LIT
Cabo San Lucas money PESO
Civil Rights hero Parks ROSA
Cleaning cloth RAG
Coil of yarn SKEIN
Coin-___ (some dryers) OPS
Corp. bigwigs EXECS
Corpulent FAT
Damascus-to-Moscow dir ENE
Destroy an alibi POKEFULLOFHOLES
Fence part POST
Fertile ground layer TOPSOIL
Fish delicacy ROE
Fix, as a pump REHEEL
Formal promise VOW
Garbage barge SCOW
General battle? WAR
Gets older AGES
Grate collection ASHES
Ground meal FLOUR
Groups of thespians CASTS
Heart-rate abbr BPM
Helps a desperate farmer? BALESOUT
Italian city VENICE
Keep time to the beat TAPONESFEET
Legolas, for one ELF
Clues Answers
Like immediately TAKETO
Metallic rocks ORES
Mexican affirmative SISI
Mongolian invader TATAR
Mr. + Mr. + Mr MESSRS
Narrow water recess INLET
NBA game beginning TIPOFF
Nut and bolt spacer WASHER
Old Faithful, for one GEYSER
Passes, as a kidney stone EGESTS
Pen co BIC
Pep squad shout RAH
Place PUT
Plays a round GOLFS
Ponders MULLS
Prefix for a moron? OXY
Protractor's measures ANGLES
Romantic flower ROSE
Roulette color RED
Rubber ring GASKET
Rule of personal conduct PRECEPT
Rustic digs LODGE
Silver salmon (var.) COHOE
Singled out TARGETED
Slithery swimmers EELS
Some casual shirts POLOS
Sports offic REF
St. George state UTAH
Stage accessory PROP
Stingy person MISER
Surname on "Good Times" EVANS
Temperature scale RANKINE
Turkish honorific AGHA
Waters at the mouth? DROOLS
Without scruples AMORAL
Word of surrender UNCLE
Word with "spitting" IMAGE