The Guardian - Quiptic crossword No 946 - Jan 8 2018

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Clues Answers
Acrid drink BITTER
Appoint firm to start to mount campaign COMMISSION
Castigate worker harbouring vermin BERATE
Complain about you and I returning charm BEWITCH
Computer depots spread across half of UK DESKTOP
Cook one old piece of pasta NOODLE
Encounter prisoner on seaside promenade CONFRONT
Expel people starting to trash carriage DEPORTMENT
Exploits of United States elected state leaders USES
Giant monster due to erupt TREMENDOUS
Irritating drone I flattened IRONED
Killing instrument returned to Queen MURDER
Left one to live cost free LIBERATE
Left relative keeping home SINISTER
Clues Answers
Look quickly at German weapon GLANCE
Outlaw articles producing fruit BANANA
Quiet work in retail outlet SHOP
Regularly praises move in ball game PASS
Remove last two episodes of Rude Tube DEDUCT
Rotter amazes, standing on head holding drink AMARETTO
Rubber lump engineers initially employ MASSEUSE
Some split a line SEVERAL
Something to make you go soft consumed around four LAXATIVE
Unpopular departure for extrovert OUTGOING
Upheaval when office worker is in France TEMPEST
Vexed about following in such a manner SORE
Violate popular part of Edinburgh Festival INFRINGE
Wife serving up pre-cooked bird WOODPECKER