Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jan 11 2018

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Clues Answers
'As I see it,' in a text IMO
'Exodus' hero ARI
Acting coach Hagen UTA
Actress Moreno RITA
Altar promise IDO
Bar bill TAB
Batting practice area CAGE
Bit of advice TIP
Blunder GOOF
Burden ONUS
Captain Nemo's sub NAUTILUS
Crunchy cookie OREO
Cupid's specialty AMOR
Debtor's note IOU
Delectable LUSCIOUS
Dresden denial NEIN
Earring type HOOP
Enjoy LIKE
Ethereal AIRY
Exceptional RARE
Family CLAN
Family card game UNO
Flair ELAN
Floral ring LEI
Formerly, once ERST
French diarist Anas NIN
French vineyard CRU
Georgia city MACON
Glistening LUSTROUS
Go sightseeing TOUR
Hebrew prophet AMOS
Identify PEG
Clues Answers
Irksome PESKY
Italian article UNA
Jam maker's need PECTIN
Lean- (sheds) TOS
Leave out SKIP
Lighthouse light BEACON
Lucille Ball, for one REDHEAD
Math course CALCULUS
Met solo ARIA
Mine, in Montreal AMOI
Mountaintop access SKILIFT
New York's Field CITI
Novelist Anita LOOS
One of us YOU
Popeye's Olive OYL
Pound fraction OUNCE
Prattle GAB
Profit NET
QB's gains YDS
Recluse HERMIT
River blocker DAM
Sandbox toy PAIL
Sea eagle ERNE
Shriveled grape RAISIN
Spanish gold ORO
Spigot TAP
Times Sq. force NYPD
Tin Man's need OIL
Tofu source SOY
URL ending COM
Utter SAY
Where there are no free spirits? CASHBAR