Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jan 10 2018

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Clues Answers
$ dispensers ATMS
'Enough!' STOPTHAT
'Humbug!' BAH
'I'm way!' ONMY
'Imagine!' FANCYTHAT
'Kon- ' TIKI
'So there!' TAKETHAT
'This tastes terrible!' UGH
-la-la TRA
Actor Stephen REA
Both (Pref.) AMBI
Bristle AWN
Bump into RAM
Chatter YAP
Chest muscles, briefly PECS
Chow down EAT
Colored HUED
Converse CHAT
Curved lines ARCS
Declare AVER
Dread FEAR
Eggs OVA
Fall from grace SIN
Fancy neckwear ASCOT
Fashion STYLE
Favorite PET
Faxed SENT
Fishing rod POLE
Ganges garments SARIS
Gold-loving king MIDAS
Goof up ERR
Hen pen COOP
Clues Answers
Japanese soup MISO
Jazz legend Vaughan SARAH
Juan SAN
Just adorable CUTE
Killer whale ORCA
Lamb alias ELIA
Lincoln nickname ABE
Luminary STAR
Makes up for OFFSETS
Needlenose tool PLIERS
Nest egg acronym IRA
Ninny TWIT
Outback bird EMU
Paint container CAN
PC program APP
Posterior HIND
QB's goals TDS
Radio operator's 'I understand' ROGERTHAT
Retrieve GET
Ritzy POSH
Shoppe description OLDE
Simile center ASA
Smack HIT
Smile broadly BEAM
Tabby temptation CATNIP
Taj Mahal site AGRA
Takes too much, briefly ODS
Tools with teeth SAWS
Try out TEST
Water conduits PIPES
Weakling WIMP
World Cup cheer OLE
Yoga class pads MATS