- Jan 2 2018

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Clues Answers
''Have __ myself clear?'' IMADE
''Once __ a time . . .'' UPON
''Quiet!'' SHH
''Um, excuse me . . .'' AHEM
''Who's there?'' response ITSME
A Great Lake ERIE
Abounds (with) TEEMS
Adolescent TEEN
Airplane walkway AISLE
An hr. after noon ONEPM
At the pinnacle ONTOP
At the present time TODAY
Barbie or Ken DOLL
Bookkeeper's subtraction DEBIT
Boxcar rider HOBO
Chose from a lineup IDED
Cleveland's state OHIO
Close friend CHUM
Co. that once owned NBC RCA
Come to a compromise MEETINTHEMIDDLE
Complains unreasonably CARPS
Computer owner USER
Contact-lens locale EYE
Covered with frost ICY
CPR experts EMTS
Current events update program NEWSCAST
Draw __ in the sand ALINE
Dueling weapon SWORD
Estimator's phrase ORSO
Expert putters' org PGA
Football officials, for short REFS
From the U.S AMER
Gator's cousin CROC
Give off EMIT
Greet with a car horn HONKAT
Halloween mo OCT
Have a look at SEE
Houston baseballer ASTRO
In opposition (to) CONTRARY
Clues Answers
Insured patient's outlay COPAY
Irritate by rubbing CHAFE
Lasso ROPE
Last Greek letter OMEGA
Lavish party BASH
Limerick, for example RHYME
Lopsided victory ROUT
Lots and lots TONS
Motion of the ocean TIDE
Much-admired celebrity IDOL
Not doing anything IDLE
One way to color a T-shirt TIEDYE
Otherwise ELSE
Pie nut PECAN
Pie __ mode ALA
Pigpen STY
Place to take bottles and cans RECYCLINGCENTER
Poems of praise ODES
Prince William's mom DIANA
Private instructors TUTORS
Red-suited reindeer driver SANTA
Refine, as flour SIFT
Rip to tatters SHRED
Sci-fi sky sighting UFO
Seaweed ALGAE
Second notes of scales RES
Sheriff's deputized group POSSE
Snakelike fishes EELS
Sofas and chairs SEATS
Tall and thin LANKY
That group's THEIR
Throw softly TOSS
Touches on the shoulder TAPS
Triple-decker cookie OREO
Woodwind instrument OBOE
Zigzag skiing event SLALOM
__ avail (useless) TONO
__-mo replay SLO